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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Am I stupid, or what?

Before you rush in with comments like "of course, why do you ask?" let me explain. Read the following from bquill73:

Hey Phat,

I wasn't talking to you in my post, I was talking to Ray. And further more, your name "PhatPhil", makes me want to gag. I keep getting visiuals and they are not pleasant.

My immediate reaction was to laugh just because it sounded so childish. After the hilarity of the moment was over, I tried to think what was it about the name "PhatPhil" could possibly make bquill73 want to gag. I mentally checked through a list of possibilities until a light bulb went off. What in God's name would give a fundamentalist unpleasant visuals? Something sexual, of course! duh! Something fat that makes you gag. So immediately I shot off a snarky response (which hasn't been posted yet). Now I am starting to have second thoughts and a little ashamed that my mind went straight for the gutter. Is there an innocent meaning to bquill73's comment? Could fat people be giving her unpleasant visuals? Why would likable, fat people make you want to gag? That doesn't sound like a very Christian response to me.

So help me out here. What does PhatPhil mean? Did I totally miss the boat? Have I made a fool out of myself at Atheist Central? Will Ray post it?

Find out on the next episode of All Ray's Children.


  1. All Ray's Children is filmed in front of a live studio audience....

  2. I saw that episode. Phatphil is really Erica's long-lost son fathered by Kirk Cameron, before he became a missionary in Tibet, who was adopted by Ray Comfort, but then disowned when he came out of the closet.

  3. All Ray's Children, LOL!

    Phat means 'pretty hot and tempting'.

    I shouldn't know these things, but alas, I do.

  4. According to the Urban Dictionary
    Phat-Phil means extreamly fat, but lovable person.

    I am totally prepared to look like a total idiot over at Ray's for suggesting bquill73 was making a sexual comment but how does "pretty hot and tempting" fit into what she said?

    I wish you could snatch comments back. I guess I can delete it and pretend I never wrote it just like Ray does. If it passes censorship.

  5. Milo, no telling. Almost anything could offend a fundie. I was attending a live chat with a minister in the area, and was a bit sleepy after work, so I typed *yawns* in the chat box. I was immediatly told to stop being rude. You'd have thought that I told them to f*** off or something.

  6. problem solved, I deleted my comment....I may never find out what bquill73 was getting at or why she doesn't like Phatphil's name but if I jumped to the wrong conclusion about bquill73 having a dirty mind at least it won't be out there any more for everybody to read...except for the confession I've made here. So keep it quiet guys.

  7. Hey Milo,
    I'm not afraid to look like an idiot. Look at my post when/if Ray lets it through.

  8. Thanks Robert! I saw your question @ AC.

  9. I've had a few run ins with bquill. To be perfectly honest, she's one of the few I actually enjoy talking to over there. I've seen her berate Ray in general (ie. "You do our cause harm with this behavior"), as well as be honest about not having all the answers. She's not on the right side (heh), but I thought her at least thoughtful.

    I have no idea where the phatphil thing comes from. It's the first time I can remember seeing her say something that made no sense whatsoever...

  10. Have I made a fool out of myself at Atheist Central?

    Next to some of the daily inanity that shoots around at AC, I'm pretty confident whatever you could have said will slip under the radar.

  11. Milo -

    if it counts for anything - I don't think you made a fool of yourself, and I can't think of what bquill73 may have been referring to (what 'phatphil' may have meant).

    I'm sure s/he was either just trying to get yer goat or was having a bad day or something.


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