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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Last Christian Sect (A Short Story by mudskipper)

After millennia of tracking down the last Christian sect, the Atheist Army storm the last underground hideout of Rayuto, a secretive leader. After smashing down the steal doors and rampaging through the labyrinth of tunnels, they find a ritual room filled with loyal worshipers, huddled with their leader. The Atheist Army has been waiting for this sweet moment for a long time.

Several attempts to find the last Christian sect had failed. The UN had united the entire world into one governing body. The implanting of microchips under the skin had been standard for 143 years. All previous attempts to locate the phantom Christian cell had failed after they had surgically removed the devices with crude instruments. A spy sent by the world government had managed to discover their location nevertheless.

The worshipers were helpless and unarmed, so they had no choice but to surrender. The crowed parted and the lieutenant approached Rayuto.
He got up from his throne.

"Ok, its time to go to jail" the lieutenant said in a stern, raspy voice.

Rayuto opened his shirt, and the Army quickly drew their EMTs and loaded rounds.

Bare chested, his belly began to move.

"What the FUCK!? shit, [barf]" whispered the soldiers.

Slowly, a little man crawled out of Rayutos belly.

"It is me, Rayuto, the speaker of truths. I am here to bring light unto the world."

The crowed was amazed.

"Trust unto me, my children."

"For 400 years I have been transferring bodies to stay alive. Who do you think made that possible? Who gave me the power? I will lead my children to the promised land."



  1. W'uh oh, talk of a world government is sure to bring Dani'El a running!


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