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Friday, December 12, 2008

The Frog Goes Out on the Town

I couldn't believe the fate that befell me this evening.

I was just leaving work and one of my local cronies calls me and requests my presence at a local watering hole close to my house. I rarely have a drink (even a beer) and drive these days but I went over and find that those reperbates were doing some early christmas celebrating. Not being one to throw a wet blanket on the fire, I had a couple beers, looked out, and it's snowing like hell and more.

I knew I didn't want to drive home in that condition and miraculously, Mrs Frog calls me and says that her and our friend Terry are on their way down to have dinner with me. I was so relieved because I don't have to worry about driving home.

We finished dinner and were leaning back and I look over to see a person I have been wanting to see for a good long time now and he sees me at the same instant. Ryan.

I hired this kid about 13 years ago. We spent nine years learning and working together. He left our organisation to expand his horizons.... of which I regrettably approved!

I have to say that our reunion was not unlike when my own children greet me. He actually kissed me on the cheek. I wanna tell you, I was overcome and I kissed him right back! (grabbing his head like I do my own sons!)

Mrs Frog, me and Ryan spent some good time reminiciting about the good old days!


  1. That's great to hear,Dale. It's always good to see old friends again.

  2. I have been discussing this with Beth since we got home. This was one of those few once-in-a-lifetime relationships.

  3. Actualy, one of those few "close" relationships outside the nuclear family.

  4. Does he understand your fate for being so unrepentant and hard of heart? What will he think when he and you find out that for all of eternity that you will be placed in the lake of fire, to gnash your teeth in pain for eternity?

    Was that a kiss goodbye? You see there is no such things as coincidences in this world. Please just consider it. Your decision to rebel and be irrational is very selfish and will hurt everyone, all of us, around you.

  5. Froggie ...

    Breath deep, count to 10.

    Breath, nice and easy.

    Do. Not. Feed. The. Troll.

    Let someone else call him a miserable worthless cunt. A horrible squawking crow. A useless gobshite.

    Dan did your finger not hesistate over the "Publish" button? Did you not think "I am about to shit in someones birthday cake?"

    You are low, man, low. What passes for honour and morality in your life? Have you no sense of shame or decency?

  6. 1,124,235
    1,124,237......... :>

  7. Froggie,

    No worries. I'm bringing an asbestos boat and plenty of brats and polish. You bring buns and maybe a nice potato salad or cole slaw. Stew, you're in charge of beverages. We'll make an eternity of it.

    Foiled again, Danny Boy.

  8. Oh yeah, I'm thinkin' SPF 80 and my Revos. It's gonna be a scortcher.

  9. Craig,
    I'm in! Bring lotsof ice and mixer.
    I've got some "good stuff."

  10. Dan,

    Take your troll ass out of this thread. Dale had a fantastic evening with family and friends and you feel the need to try to shit on it. You are beyond pathetic with your fairy tales of horror and the general bullshittery of your comment.

    Instead of acting like a decent human being and being happy that Dale had a great evening, you have to bring your sad ass here and attempt to spoil the memory. Fuck off, Dan.

  11. Froggie,

    I quit drinking in this life but I'm going nuts in the next one.

    BTW sounds like a wonderful evening and you wrote about it wonderfully.

    Salute to old friends.

  12. Craig,
    I didn't believe in reincarnation in my last life either. :>

    Thanks to all that "hopped" on my defense.

    It's nice though to see him showing his true colors. hehehe

  13. Froggie -

    Sounds like you had a good reunion. Is there a traditional meal for friday nights where you live?
    For us, it's a few cold beers with some nice hot fish fry, complete with all the fixin's. Can't beat that on a cold winter's night, with some old friends (or new).

    Word Ver. - 'scrersh'
    Sounds like wet tires on slippery pavement...

  14. Laof,

    Fish is traditional here too.
    I had the jumbo butterflied and deep fried shrimp and Mrs Frog got the fish and we split.

    My wife never drinks but I pushed the beer envelope last evening with a shot of bourbon just for the hell of it.

    With my wife, Terri, and Ryan, I was with my three best friends, you know, the kind you can be goofy with and they don't think you're going insane?


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