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Monday, December 15, 2008

Our Blogs

From the list of contributers on the side bar, here are the associated blogs.
Some listed as "none" may well have blogs under different IDs or on Wordpress or such.
Some blogs links are just holding pages, but knowing you guys, and looking at the titles I sure wish you'd blog.
Some people share blogs.
Some have stated that Raytractors is their blog. I can cezrtainly attest that my blogging activity has diminished because of time spent reading and commenting on Raytractors.

Take some time to check out the blogs of listed, it's worth the effort.
If anyone's blog was left out because I missed it or whatever, bung it in the comments, or, since you've got edit rights feel free to edit this post direct.

Weemaryanne : Stranger Than Fiction
Paul Brown : God is Irrational
Geoff : Monkey Love Child
Ranting Student : The Lively Art of Ranting
theaceofclubz : none
Rando : none
lonomoholo : none
Lance Christian Johnson : Comics, Beer, and Shakespeare + Ruminations on Eagle-Man + Blog o' Dreams
get_education : none
JicamaEater : none
Craig : none
Dave : Atheist Central
Tilia : sarcopterigyan
NaFa : The Crack House
Rufus : The Rufus T. Firefly Blog
captain howdy : none
Charles : none
The MudSkipper Show : Iron Pyrite
Jeffrey Mark : Escaping Christianity + Dubya's Autobiography
Andrew Louis : Idiot Philosophy
Bob : Hell Yeah!!!!! + lostingermay
Benjamin Franklin : The Feeble Lance of Reason
Milo : The Cat Tail + Delta Daze
mjarsulic : none
DisComforting Ignorance : DisComforting Ignorance
MacGyver Jr : none
Yaeger : none
BaldySlaphead : BaldySlaphead
Froggie : The Bushy Tree
ExPatMatt : Shared Space
TripMaster Monkey : none
Quasar : Quasar Tr-Delta
The Skeptical Sorcerer : The Skeptical Sorcerer
Jill D : none
Atomic Chimp : Squeak My Weasel
Revenant : none
Former Follier : none
Maragon : Atheism is the Rational Response + Talking to Theists
Kirsti : My Little Corner of the Web
Whateverman : Whateverman's Pad
CodewordConduit : Reflections of the Damned
Clostridiophile : Banana Fort + Of Microbes and Men
Stew : A Night on the Tiles + 2000 Years of Deception
GermanMike : Christian Radio Review
Obsidian : none
Matthew Wooller : none
Kaitlyn : Happy Atheist Scientist
TEMPLE : none
Alphgeek : Pain And Suffering
henwli : I have no mouth, and I must blog + Banana Fort +
Vagon : none
Adrian Hayter : The Atheist Blogger
The Celtic Chimp : The Celtic Chimp
nonmagic : nonmagical thinking + The Bushy Tree
Irukandji : Who wants my jellyfish?
John Doyle : Master and Commander

Marlin : none
Daddy Stegosaurus : none
theShaggy : none
Jason : Christian Central -- Jason Brunet's Blog
neil h : La Serenissima + Mix Club + Dogwood Tales
Therine : Pretentious College Student
Rocky "BeamStalk" S : none
Robert Madewell : Superstition Free
KiwiInOz : none


  1. I did maintain an unremarkable, yet very cool blog for a while, but they are dormant now.

    I tend to throw my weight behind first ammendment issues. That's kinda my thing.

    In the meantime, since we don't have any Huckabees to discredit, I've been cruising and hanging out here. Pathetic? Yes.

  2. My blog went to hell in a hand basket after Raytractors. I was going to delete it but haven't gotten around to it. I can't continue to write without constant affirmation and my comment count was zero. :(

    It's harder than it looks to say something intelligent and half way original on a regular basis! So I'll leave blogging to those who do it well and continue to enjoy reading rather than writing.

  3. Oh, but I would like to repost the picture of the hell van. That's what prompted me to start a blog in the first place. Some of our newer posters haven't seen it yet.
    (still parked in the same place!!)

  4. Milo,

    The Hell Van.

    Please feel free to post it here.

  5. I have an astoundingly unremarkable LiveJournal where I mostly whine about work so no you won't get it. You could probably find it, but you won't get it because then my precarious reputation as a Serious Internet Atheist will be horribly torn down.

    I'd thought about starting some kind of atheism-blog or something where I actually try to write something interesting and substantial on a frequent basis.

    ... but then I'd have to be substantial. I look forward to the SMRTforums so I can continue being esoteric.

  6. Milo,

    The hell van was epic!

    I have no blog. Well, I have one under a different name, but that's a different story.

    I have too much fun here to worry about a blog like I had with Flinging Dust.

  7. I rarely use my blog. Just have some posts there to irritate the fundies

  8. I was very active on my blog until I started spamming this one (and Debunking Atheists).

    Though much dimished, it's still about the barriers between (my) perception and (our) reality. Lots of philosophical rumination, coupled with an outlet for the daily crap.

    I may be moving to Facebook soon, as Spaces.Live doesn't have nearly as many friends using it...

  9. I don't have edit rights, but my real blog is jeffthefish.com. I hope to one day make Christian Central a mirror universe of Atheist Central.

  10. You needn't bother listing Stranger than Fiction, WEM. I've abandoned it.


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