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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What's in your head, zombie?

My nomination for atheist anthem. The song is about the violence in Northern Ireland, but apply it to the struggle for minds and religion.

Plus great imagery in the video

lyrics here


  1. I have a friend who plays the guitar and sings, and her rendition of this song is incredible.

    So... I'll vote for Zombies!


  2. The video imagery uses the cross, but when I think of the lyrics and the religiously motivated terrorism of today I think it's very apt.

    People blowing themselves up for stuff that's IN THEIR HEADS

  3. It probably reflects the parts of music press I was reading when this came out, but once upon a time, this was possibly the most revilled song imaginable. It was pilloried for empty rhetoric and the over-emoted delivery that attempted to compensate for the lyrical clumsiness...

    Anyway, why do we need an atheist anthem? Because Ray Fuckwit said?!!

  4. ooh, I was such a fan some 15 years ago...

    Another not really atheistic but pacifistic song without any trace of Christianity would be Leningrad

  5. I tend to not like bands with vocalists. I'm an instrumentalist myself, and gravitate towards bands where the singing isn't the center of attention.

    With that said, I've always liked this hit by the Cranberries - one of the few exceptions to my typical taste in music


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