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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

To Mudskipper

At the risk of alientaing myself to some folks, I want to tell you that you are the most inspiration I have seen around here in a while.

I am not particularly fond of your dark humor, yet you can see that I support your efforts (and yes, you have that dark side that I do like to entetain, from time to time.)

Having said that, if this blog is going to perpetuate itself and have some relevent focus, we must abandon the singular critisism of Ray Comfort.

If we do not expand our horizons beyond critisim of Rayfuck, we are as mired in pseudo philosophy as he is.

By this comment I admit that I am long on questions, and short on answers, so I am really wondering on where we go from here, as a blog.


  1. Oops.

    I fired off my last post before reading this one.

    One direction I would like the blog to take (not that it hasn't in the past) is debunking Creationism.

    Creationism (and it's bastard cousin, ID)is a blight on rational thinking, education, and science.

    But we can still make fun of yahoos like raysyeham et al.

  2. Froggie,

    Thanks for the pat on the back at Atheist Central! I think Vera is out to get me.

    Unfortunately, we may have to wait a few years to see whose prediction comes to pass. But then, it might be too late for you. I hope not.


    >double locks the doors and windows<

  3. I second Ben Franks suggestion, especially the debunking ID thing.

    Here's the direction I think we should take. Become a massive international corporation, take over the world government, implant little microchi- oh, wait, wrong list, that was when I constructed Bill Gates and sent him back in time to found Microsoft... hang on...

    OK, here's the direction I think we should take. Become a large community of anyone and everyone who disagree's with fundie nonsense, but remain friendly and open minded. Don't go off our nut at them just because they disagree with us: go off our nut at them because they're spouting hateful pathetic retarded toxic genstre out of every orifice they've managed to evolve.

    But keep it a decent place to debate and try to avoid alienating any category of peoples.

    And yes, I am now regulary using the word verification in my posts. It causes me to look like I have an oversized, distended vocabulary with which I can stymie and exasperate the populace.

  4. Milo-

    Don't forget the duct tape, as per Dept of Homeland Security suggestions.

    Interesting note, Michael Chertoff is a distant cousin of mine.

  5. Don't forget the new buzz words for Creationism/ID, Evolution strengths and weaknesses that is where the attack is coming from now. I listened to the Texas State Board of Education hearing over new science text books. The highlight is definitely on weaknesses too with no mention of anything to replace evolution. This is of course just a backdoor trying to get the students to ask if Evolution is so weak then what else is there and allow the teacher to preach.

    The book suggested by the Texas SBOE was written by two members of the Discovery Institute. These are intelligent men who can explain their beliefs in a way that seems very intelligent and logical, especially if one doesn't dig to deep.

    If you don't already I would suggest signing up with the National Center for Science Education (NCSE http://ncseweb.org/) and with a local state organization. This is not something that you can sit back and let others fight. I live in Oklahoma and the creationists are again trying to push through a bill that in it's first incarnation was vetoed by the governor. It is just sad it made it that far in the first place. I will be petitioning my representatives again to vote against this bill.

    This is something we should all be doing.

    Ok sorry for the rant...

  6. Thanks Froggie

    I think atheism gets really boring sometimes too.

    Oh great, another ID argument, oh, another Ray fuckup. yeah

    ID doesn't need to be debunked. Ray doesn't need another person telling him he's crazy. But I guess you can if you want.

    I let to entertain my own ideas sometimes. They're not always dark.

    In fact, I don't even care about christianity or atheism per se.
    They're speaking in metaphors, which is good for them.

    I don't know. Not really making sense right now.


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