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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Makes me wanna sniff glue

Great creationist and Biblical literalist fun; and it's educational



  1. oh wow

    are the animals and ark on the same scale? it would be fun to see how many species you could fit on board until you ran out of room.

  2. I threw up when I read-

    It also includes 7 pairs of dinosaurs--either the Pteranadon set or the Stegosaurus set.

    And yes, Milo, it claims that the animals are to scale.

    I'm gonna get some mouthwash now.

  3. Includes:

    * Booklet on Noah's Ark from Answers in Genesis
    * Pack of "Flood Cards" from Answers in Genesis

    nuff said

  4. No, it said the animals were 1/75 scale. I'm not sure if it said what scale the ark was built to
    I'll go back and re-read it, I might be mistaken. The ark looks like a floating coffin.

  5. If stunting their brain growth with ignorance won't do it, try it with glue fumes!

  6. "Includes:
    - Booklet on Noah's Ark from Answers in Genesis
    - Pack of "Flood Cards" from Answers in Genesis"

    Ken Ham Detected! Ex-terrr-minate!Exx-teerrrr-minate!

  7. In the main picture you can see how cheap looking it is. Gaps everywhere and it looks like it is just cardboard at best material wise.

    What is the cost? $45

    Can you say making money off the gullible for jebus.

  8. Somebody should make a video of that piece of shit sinking like a stone.

  9. I'm really curious what will happen the first time a kid tries to put that in water, because I know I sure would have at that age.

  10. If the kid is a true Christian, I'm sure the Ark will miraculously float until the waters recede and it comes to rest on Ararat.

  11. If up to scale, just by looking at it, the stupid thing couldn't possibly be sea-worthy. Let alone remaining intact through a global flood.

    How do these people justify remaining ignorant for Jesus...


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