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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

If you're gonna come out to your parents, wait until after the holidays...

Just had to share this gem from Atheist Mind:

Someone needs to educate this hysterical mother on the true meaning of "Christmas". c^_^ɔ


  1. I'm a skeptic.

    I said pretty much the same thing on the other clip posted here today, but I wonder about the conversation(s) that led up to this confrontation. To the Mom's credit, there's usually a decent amount of tension involved with having kids that age.

    Context is everything...

  2. Ah, this old chestnut. I wish the camera was left rolling for a while longer.

  3. Gimme a fuckin' BREAK, Michael!! LOL!

    Well, now he gets nothing for Christmas!

    I had a conversation with my mother while I was visiting back east just before Thanksgiving and it slipped out that I don't believe in God anymore. It wasn't a conversation I ever intended to have with her since she is elderly, but she brought it up. The other side of the family found out not too long ago, so I guess it was her turn.

    She called me the other day and said that she was going to send me something for Christmas, but said that since I don't believe in God my husband and I probably don't even have a Christmas tree, so she won't be sending anything. I laughed it off and told her that there isn't anything that we need and she just repeated herself.

    I love my mother with all my heart, but she has always tried to control the family through threatening to cut off giving money or presents to family members who either didn't want to go to church with her or dared to mention even in passing that they didn't believe as she believes to the letter.

    Religion. It's a mind virus.

  4. Me being a skeptic, I'll add that if genuine, the kind of behavior in that video is completely over the edge.

    NM'El, I know your story probably isn't unusual - and that makes me both sad and angry.

    Happy holidays to all atheists, theists, agnostics and stripes of (non)believers here

  5. Happy Holidays to you too, WEM!

    I've put up with my mom's behavior for so long, I just overlook it. There's no reasoning with her whatsoever and she isn't going to change.

    I also wonder, if I could reason her out of her faith, if that would even be healthy at her age. I just don't know.

    She called a bit ago and said that she actually was going to send us something. As much as I love her, I've seen this movie before. Now she'll find some other way to bring it up again.

  6. NM,

    Our mums must be soul-sisters or something! It only came out last year as I was taking the family around a local museum and they had a Darwin exhibit on....

    Long story short: she was unimpressed and, apparently, at a certain age people just become incapable of changing their minds about stuff - I wouldn't want to press the issue either.

    Fortunately my dad is a secret atheist, so I can chat to him about it!

  7. Two things...

    1. I, too, am skeptical here, mostly because of the lack of movement on the part of the "Dad", but it may yet be true... Doesn't matter, it's funny.

    2. What's with everybody changing their names to [Something] 'El? Can I join your club? Can I be "El Stan"?

    3. I said two things, but I lied.


  8. "Sorry, Mom. You're right."

    "What did Jesus get me for Christmas?"

    "A Brand New Car!"

    "Praise the Lord!"

  9. Oh, well - if he told the BISHOP...

  10. Stan, the Half-Truth Teller'EL,

    Yes, come join us....it's nice here... we have ...cookies...

  11. To Stan'El: Yeeeaaaassss... Jooiiinnn uuussss... Jooooiiiiiinnnnn uuuuuuuuuuuussss...

    Oh man, I am so glad I live in an pantheistic family (I only learnt that word recently, but it suits). We're pretty much all agnostic atheists.

  12. Oooo! You're just the person (maybe) who can answer this for me...

    I recently got into an internet argument about pantheism. Specifically, I was playing World of Warcraft, and rather than put up with the standard "Zomg gnomes pwn!" chat noise, I started a religious/philosophical debate.

    It annoyed the pre-teens to no end :)

    Anyhow, the person I disagreed with was trying to tell me that Pantheism equates to "Nature did it", and that no "god" was involved.

    Back when I was in highschool, I believe pantheism referred to Greek or Roman belief systems; multiple Gods controlled (or regulated) the entirety of the universe.

    My question to you, Quas'el, is what do *you* take it to mean? What exactly is a pantheistic family like?


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