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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Family Guy on Carl Sagan

The ending of the clip is kind of messed up, but the first part is hilarious. Epic win!


  1. Obviously the universe was formed at the time of the XXX XXXX GOD DID IT.

  2. I've downloaded the entire Cosmos series from the net.
    Its 30Gigabytes Yikes!

  3. Haha I've always loved that. There's a clip where they demonstrate evolution, and pause to say "of course we are obligated by the state of Kansas to show the church's alternative to the theory of evolution." The the genie from I dream of Jeanie then appears and nods everything into existence. Hilarious, I'll try to find a clip.

  4. Oh, that was choice - thanks!

    I swear, comments and threads on this blog have been making me laugh quite a bit lately.

    Stew, do you have a URL or .torrent for that? I'm tired of watching the 80gigs of MST3K episodes I've found :)

  5. WEM - the torrent file is called Carl_Sagan____s_COSMOS_(1980)_-__7_DVDs_(All).3654906.TPB.torrent

    I got it off PirateBay.

    If you can't find it I can mail the torrent file to you


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