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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Post...and RUN!!!

And here we go....

I'm going to post this and move as fast as I can so that I avoid the stampede. I give you the 1st part...

Our New Forum:



  1. A lean, mean, discussion machine. I like it.

  2. Enjoy, you crazy rationally supportive nut-balls...

  3. Spppooooooooooooooonnnnnnnn!!!!!!

  4. Can the professional non-thinkers section be moved to the bottom?

  5. I'm a little bit sad :(

    This blog has served us so well.

    Onward and upward, we evolve!

  6. Dont like commenting on this site anymore, but heck thought I would for the last time....
    I can see you are moving to a forum...looks interesting!
    One last note though... Why are all your non thinkers Christians. If you have decided to send your souls to hell, my advice is stop wasting your time fighting christians, you say life is for living right, so why dont you do that? Christianity is of God, so you will never fight it.
    I dont expect anyone to answer...just wanted to give my last comment here...

  7. Discovery Institute is not christian, please investigate before commenting.

  8. Actually nor is Harun Yahya, please try pulling your head out of your own over inflated ego ass.

  9. Jean wrote you say life is for living right, so why dont you do that?

    Well, there are people that want to interfere with how everyone else lives.

    So we can't sit back and "live" without defending the thing we value, now, can we?

    Incidentally, atheists might not be "fighting" if there weren't dozens of religious splinter groups, all with different ideas as to how the world should be governed, all trying to impose their wills on the rest of society.

    In short, you're being fought with because you started it first.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. So you have false religions on there too. Big deal!

    Good job you now just invalidated your first post. Try looking into things before opening your pie hole. You are arrogant and full of yourself. Yes everything we do is personally against you. Get over yourself. It is the Christian fucktards that are trying to rewrite history and dumb down society. That is what we are speaking against. Some of us are tired of the all the bullshit and are fighting back. But keeping crying martyr after throwing the first punch.

  12. By the way, why the fuck are you here? Can't you just ignore us? Or is it only okay for you to speak out and not okay for anyone of opposing view points? Hypocrisy at its finest.

    I notice you wait until the forum is up to post also. Trying to slip something in and hope for no discussion?

  13. Jean,

    First of all don't lie. You obviously do like commenting on this site because you are still here doing it.

    Second, Christianity is based on myths about a god, so there--I fixed that for you free of charge.

    Also, are you still abusing your kids or has someone finally had the good sense to take them away from you until you get your 'issues' cleared up?

  14. Jean -

    If you don't have anything worthwhile to say, I'd recommend staying away.

    If your sole intent is to come here to pick a fight, I don't think that shows you to be much of a (Christian) woman more than just someone who wants put her name out there for people to see.

  15. Hi laof,
    do you plan to come over to our new playground?

  16. Tilia -

    I'm not sure. I think I'll have to wait until 2009 to see where the wind blows.

  17. I have for the most part enjoyed your commments, LAOF. I do hope you come over to the new and improved playground. :)

  18. Jean

    Please demonstrate that your God is the real god and that the countless numbers of other deities are false.

    Your personal revelation doesn't count, as my personal revelation reliably informs me that I am Napoleon Bonaparte.

    Quoting the bible doesn't count as you have yet to prove that God exists, nevermind that he wrote it.

    Until you can prove anything, please be aware that everything you believe is a great big bunch of rhubarb, and gives you absolutely no basis to argue.

  19. Oh, just a minute.

    You're that mental bitch who thinks her kids are evil.

    Stop talking. Seriously. Fuck off.

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. LAOF,

    It would be good to see you at the new place.

  22. Jean,

    If you've learned anything here, as you claim, it should be that child abuse is wrong. But as I can see form your latest post in your blog, you really can't get that through your head.

    I say this with absolute sincerity:

    I seriously hope that whatever child protection agency you have where you are takes your kids, gives them to rational, loving people, and that you are not able to see them again to shit on their developing personalities.

    Back when you started spouting your idiocy about how slavery is ok, I thought you were just the garden variety religious nut, but the moment I found out you were a child abuser, I started loathing you and haven't stopped.

  23. Jean,

    I also want to make it very clear that until you stop abusing your kids you aren't a 'virtuous woman'. You're just another loser who has kids but doesn't deserve them.

  24. "Your personal revelation doesn't count, as my personal revelation reliably informs me that I am Napoleon Bonaparte."

    I pictured you as taller.

  25. I'm 5'7"...

    I'm the reincarnation of Napoleon, silly :)

  26. Goodbye boring blogosphere, hello PHPBB world!

  27. Wee arse mart?

    Might wanna rethink that.

  28. @ Sye

    You wrote "Wee arse mart?

    Might wanna rethink that."

    You poor, poor brain damaged man. Still displaying your inability to reason. Or do you have the evidence that you can think rationally now? No? Surprise, surprise, surprise [Gomer Pile voice]. :-)


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