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Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Weird Final Act of George W. Bush

George Bush's final days have been bizarre. It's like we have no president at all.

Bush Dodges Shoe


  1. I have to admit his reflexes were quicker than I thought they'd be.

    The shoe thrower needs more practice.

  2. Weird last days indeed.

    I was talking to my Gram tonight, sharp as a tack despite being 96. Neither she nor I can remember a presidency where the lame duck was dismissed so thoroughly. Obama's damned near making policy before he's in office...

    I mean, that's the way it should be in this case, but it's still weird...

  3. Yeah, it's weird. Obama is leading this nation out of the recession more than Bush is. o_O

  4. In an interview the other day Bush was saying he thought evoution was compatable with the bible.

    As the questioning deepened he stated, "I'm just a simple president."

    Yeah I am so happy to have had eight yeswrs of such a simple man- it shows.

  5. Froggie,

    Can you imagine if Bush had said that he wasn't a literalist 8 years ago?

  6. Bush looked into that reporters sole.

    It's an insult to throw a shoe in the ME.
    Unlike Texas were it's a blessing to get free shoes.


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