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Friday, December 5, 2008

What do you think of Ray? (poll)

What do you think of Ray Comfort?
His blog is deep and thought provoking
He has an excellent understanding of modern science and cosmology
He is very intelligent
I like him
There's something wrong in his head
I've blotted out all memories of him
I secretly hate God and his law and so hate Ray by extension

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  1. Should I forward this poll to PZ..?

  2. This site is tits, man!

    We should create poll that asks, "should Ray Comfort be euthanized today, or tomorrow?"

  3. Frog,

    He's more valuable to atheists alive than dead.

  4. Craig,
    I suppose you are correct. He's the best player on our team. :>

  5. Actually, it troubles me deeply that three percent of the responents said that Ray "He has an excellent understanding of modern science and cosmology."

    I bet those bastards sent in their minions to skew the results of the poll!

  6. I totally took a screen shot of that - I guarantee it'll still make me smile 30 years from now...

  7. WEM,
    Please forgive my ignorance, but how does one "take a screenshot?"

  8. Assuming Us/English keyboard layout and a Microsoft operating system, the PrtSc button captures an image of your desktop. It'll show everything that you're looking at on your monitor.

    Simply hot the button, open up Paint (or some other image editing software, and then Paste (CTRL + P), and the image should appear as an image file you can save

  9. Ctrl + P is print, not paste

    You want Ctrl + V for paste

  10. Hey! I think I've got it!

    Thanks guys!

    I'll try to send a screen shot later.

  11. Holy crap Stew, that was embarassing :)

    Thanks for the correction

  12. Yeah, right. Truth is you just wanted froggie to waste a shit-load of printer ink printing a screenshot.

  13. How'd you find out I work for HP??


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