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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Yarn World (Suck it)

So what
I like to dress in womens clothing
I try it out for you
Get hyped up by snorting caffeine
So my girlfriend rapes me daily

Does that mean I'm strange?

I want to OD on cigarettes
suck a dick oh but I didn't mean that
I have a cock fantasy for Jesus
Uberman Superfuck
Smear lipstick on the christ

A world made from yarn
woven together by tedious hands
My insides are red string
pull it out viscera rainbow
A regular Jackson Pollock
chainsaw disembowelment
Spray the walls with yarn
Patch me back together with
the sewing machine

I'm taking bong rips with satan
Jesus christ and satan are old pals
Never did noth'n wrong
We're tight with 40s and jerking off
Call some strippers
We need some entertainment
Shrooms to make us change perspective
Jesus being a bitch, sucking satan off

Does that mean I'm strange?

Google search well endowed Jesus
Damn nothing
"Why do you think women cry out "Oh God" in bed?"


  1. "Why do you think women cry out "Oh God" in bed?"

    Because 'Oh Chalchiuhtlicue' just sounds awkward?

  2. I love to iron my shirts while wearing my wife's panties- Just trying to tie this together with the yarn of the story........

  3. NM,

    Well, having said what I did, I'm not an exibitionist, although I have entertained the thought.

  4. We're tight with 40s

    I don't get this line. Explain anyone?

  5. "Why do you think women cry out "Oh God" in bed?"

    The question is; what does Jesus cry out in bed?

    "Oh me, oh me, oh me...Oh. My. Dad!"

    - stolen from an unknown comedian

  6. tight w/ 40oz
    We drink 40s all day.

    I'm drunk right now, had a 40 this morning. I was thinking about bringing a 40 to the library, but it was out of my way.


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