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Monday, December 8, 2008

Why I like Ray's new book: "The Atheist Bible"

  • Any publicity is good publicity
  • At a basic level its thought provoking, unlike your average god bothering book.
  • It display Ray's blatant ridiculousness
  • Unlike his posts, it cant be edited post-publishing
  • It effectively redistributes income from those silly enough to purchase it
  • It will reinforce the fact that despite 70% of America believing in Jesus, barely anyone will buy Ray's book.
Feel free to add on!


  1. My goodness... does this mean that Vagon is 'thankful' for Ray Comfort?


  2. * It is a very effective and physical strawman we can point to when necessary.

  3. - It will provide an amusing source of quote-mines if anyone can bring themselves to buy it

    Does it not strike you as, sort of, sacrilegious for Ray to write a book and call it a Bible? It sort of implies that the original Bible was only good for people who already believe and ineffective as an evangelistic tool.

    Speaking of evangelistic tools...

  4. "At a basic level its thought provoking"

    Could've fooled me.

  5. This is offtopic but I'm so annoyed I want everyone to know.
    Dan at "Debunking Atheists" has a presup thread called "Battle of Wits" with Sye the presupp in it.

    Sye has pushed me over the edge today. He and Obsidian were talking to Rae/Emily, a 14 year old girl who became uncomfortable when they asked her to imagine being molested. She said she was uncomfortable and wasn't going to reply to them. Then Sye called her evasive and added a smiley emoticon.
    This behavior disgusts me. And I want everyone to know it, so I'm posting this everywhere.

    Here's part of the conversation:

    Obsidian said: "...if there was this old creepy guy who tried to molest you...
    molesting children for fun..
    If the child molester from...
    make child molesting for fun..." etc..

    Rae Comfont said: "Obsidian, your obsession with child molesting as an example makes me uncomfortable and I'm no longer going to reply."

    Sye said: "Oh, that's a new twist to the evasion. Josh would be proud! :-) "

  6. Vagon said-

    He is very entertaining!

    Personally, I disagree. I find Ray Comfort more pitiable than entertaining.

    I find him to be ignorant, but the sad part is that he is proud of his ignorance.

  7. Gorth,

    Sye should be ashamed of himself. Of course, if you suggest this he'll merely resort to asking you why 'shame' necessarily applies to him in this situation and how you can know with any certainty that blah blah blah....

  8. Geoff - Not so much for us, but for the fundies who buy it.

  9. Ben F wasn't Twain attributed with:

    "The secret source of humor itself is not joy but sorrow. There is no humor in heaven."

  10. Vagon

    One of the shortest lists ever is Evangelical Comedians.

    There's hardly any christian humor on Earth, either.

  11. Vagon,

    Well, I certainly agree that Ray helps marginalize fundies because he is so inane.

    Word Verification: reduring

  12. Benjamin Franklin said...


    One of the shortest lists ever is Evangelical Comedians.

    There's hardly any christian humor on Earth, either.

    Unless it's a satire. If anyone saw the last comic standing show this past year, there was a very funny duo who called themselves "God's Pottery" that were pretty funny.

  13. Gorth,

    I would be willing to bet that Sye purposefully went to that topic to make her uncomfortable enough to back out of the conversation.

    I also find it very odd that someone Sye's age would purposefully bring up that topic, or any topic concerning sex, with a 14yr old online. He must not know this guy.

  14. I couldn't care less about Ray's book.

  15. nonmagic, you should google "Nick Sitko" for what I am envisioning we find out about Sye.

  16. @nonmagic
    have you been to Sye's site
    We were talking about the results Sye had to the questions. One of the questions on the site was whether molesting children for fun could be right or was absolutely wrong.
    The results Sye got indicated that the majority of atheists ssaid molesting children for fun could be right (I was very disturbed by these results).
    Yes and I stepped over the line it was probaly inappropriate to talk about molestation. I had no idea of the age. I do find it disturbing that so many people think it could be right though.

  17. Ob,

    Yes, I've been to Sye's site. What about it?

    It does not matter in what context you were talking about molestation or what you were referring to, so don't try to start spouting some bullshit to me about how atheists think it's ok to molest kids. I'm glad at least you admit the conversation was over the line, but both of your stupid asses should have known better than to bring it up in the first place. Not a smart move in today's world. Not at all. But then again, it's your ass not mine.

  18. And then to have the fucking nerve to tell her she is evading the conversation because she doesn't want to talk about it when she is 14 fucking years old. Goddamn, people. WTF??

    It could just be that even a kid knows that talking to adult men online about sex is not ok. But no! It must be that she is evasive, right?

    Oh and 'Your Honor, I didn't know she was 14!! I swear!!' Yeah, they've never heard that one before! Surely that would work!

  19. OFFTOPIC again,

    I'm not really annoyed at Obsidian anymore, he's apologized and used an another example.
    Sye is still a jerk.
    Emily has posted in ages.

  20. "so don't try to start spouting some bullshit to me about how atheists think it's ok to molest kids."
    I wasn't trying to imply that all atheists believed that. I was just talking about context.

  21. What exactly is Ray's Atheist Bible about? Is it a real bible with commentary for atheists or is it a collection of stupidity from Ray?

  22. Fine, Ob, I'll give you that one, but seriously, look here. She stated her age and you guys have no leg to stand on if anyone in that thread claimed they didn't know how old she was.

  23. Milo,

    is it a collection of stupidity from Ray?

    How'd you guess? ;)

  24. I just went on that Sye guy's website, and it starts with

    "Do you believe there is no absolute truth?"

    I click "no"

    Then it goes: "Do you absolutely believe that to be true?

    That isn't even clever. If I personally believe something is true then I personally believe it absolutely.

    But I don't expect the person next to me to have the exact same interpretation. He or she will absolutely believe something entirely different.

    So the truth is not absolute in the objective, just the subjective.

    What a posturing, arrogant cock. Not even logic. Just crappy wordplay.

    And what the hell did he think he was doing asking a minor how she thinks it would feel to be sexually violated?

    Stupid, creepy little man.

  25. The book is just heavy enough to use as a weight for a Northern Blot!

  26. Thanks, Ray, but I already have the Atheist Bible...it's just the Bible, and I've actually read it. that was enough.

  27. Totally off-topic, but I've spent the last few days with my eyeballs fused to the computer screen positively addicted to Theoretical Bullshit's (the guy in the TAG video posted earlier this week) YouTube videos.

    If you haven't already go check out his stuff; he's a freakin' gold mine.

  28. TheoreticalBulls***'s stuff is great. You should check out Ben Carruth (youtube username= thecarruths),azrienoch and veritas48's talks on youtbe if you like that kind of stuff too.
    Ben Carruth's speaking skills just make my head swoon. I wish i could talk like that. I love webcam philosophers

  29. I've spent the last few days with my eyeballs fused to the computer screen positively addicted to Theoretical Bullshit's (the guy in the TAG video posted earlier this week) YouTube videos.

    Hawt skepticist iz hawt...

  30. WEM,

    Hawt skepticist iz hawt...

    Iz troo...


  31. Oh, Whateverman, you asked ages ago about my blog becoming private and whether or not you could still read, and I've been meaning to get back to you ever since, but never do. So hopefully you'll wander back over to this thread and see this.

    I made it private for two reasons, mostly I was getting super busy with school and knew I wouldn't have the time to keep it updated, so I figured it would be better to just close it until I could really do it justice than to leave it moldering on the interweebz for all to drop by and notice the accumulating cobwebs and dust.

    The second reason, for which it may stay private, I haven't really decided, is it (stupidly) has my real name attached, and while that doesn't worry me in terms of safety concerns (it's a pretty common name) I am [cowardly] very much in the skeptical closet and therefore worried about someone I knew stumbling across it and all the shit hitting the fan. (Don't hate me skeptical world, flamboyant freethought is a big commitment.)

    I do however fully intend to respond to your (and others') comments and resume regular blogging as soon as my life belongs to me and not my GPA again. That being said, I'd love for you to keep reading it (as soon as there's something to read.) The only way I know of adding you to my readers' list is to invite you by email, so if you're interested shoot me your blogger email (I'll make a disposable comment on here with my email address in it) and I'll add you.

  32. This comment has been removed by the author.

  33. CodewordConduit said...
    Stupid, creepy little man.

    Don't worry, the 4chan party van will be knocking on his door soon.

    Something seems to have broken in my brain, but none of SyeTenB's responses seem to make sense any more.

  34. Kelly -

    1.) What's your blog about? Can I troll it? (j/k)
    2.) Who's that guy in your updated picture - your boyfriend? man, all the other guys'll be jealous.


  35. LAOF,

    HAH! That's a mannequin head. LOL.

    If you really want to read it shoot me an email, but like I said it's gonna be a short minute before I have time to really keep it up.

  36. LAOF,

    *Becomes slightly more conscious and picks up on the sarcasm.*

    Oh. Riiight. Yeah I make all the boys jealous. That's just how I roll.

  37. Why am I not even in the slightest bit surprised that Sye is harassing minors?

  38. I have gone to Sye's site and clicked on all kinds of answers, even saying that molesting children for fun can be right, just to see what answers the site would give me. It doesn't mean I believe it.


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