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Friday, December 12, 2008

One Conservative Commentator's Take on the War on Christmas

What's up with these crazy, conservative Christian fanatics? He even threatens atheists with hellfire on his TV news broadcast.


  1. This was great, Kailtlyn. Hopeless puppies!

  2. The "Word" is usually the best part of the Colbert report; except for last summer, when Rush was on for the entire show.

  3. You should indicate Colbert is a parody. Some foreigner here might not know.

  4. He is a parody... of the crazy, conservative commentator that he is.

    Take this guy off the air!

  5. I don't play wii bowling.

    I do play rock band and guitar hero.


  6. Man! That guy is so extreme! It's almost like he was just doing a satire of right-wing pundits or something.

  7. Hey Ben,

    Me too! RB has given me a whole new appreciation for Ratt's "Round and Round".

  8. There isn't much that makes me laugh out loud. This was a rare and most excellent exception

  9. It's good to see someone come to a rational defense of God.


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