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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Lewis Black Gets It


  1. I've been a LB fan for years, and have seen this clip dozens of times :)

    Always good...

  2. Lewis Black 'getting it' does not support the theory of evolution.

    This would be something akin to saying I.D. is supported by another actor's faith.

    But I do LOVE Lewis as a comedian. Thanks for this clip. I rarely think to look for his stuff online and always seem to miss his appearances in anything near me.

  3. LAOF wrote Lewis Black 'getting it' does not support the theory of evolution.

    That's obviously true.

    What he *does* get is that it takes a certin kind of, um, willingness to ignore reality in order to deny it completely.

    That's about the nicest way I can think of to describe it :)

  4. But as a comedian, he could also be saying anything just to get a laugh


    (just funnin')

  5. Heh, funnin or not, you have a point

  6. LAOF,

    I do not think anybody thought Lewis proved evolution.

    But it sure makes good fun of fundamentalist Christianity. It is obvious that he is spot on, and his comedy is an appeal to intelligence. He knows fundies try and ignore evidence and such. This is what makes it so funny. Otherwise it would not make funny sense.

    Anyway, it was truly good. Thanks for posting it Yaeger!


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