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Monday, December 15, 2008

God is Still Busy

I thought he rested on the seventh day?



  1. Hey, why did God need to rest, anyway? I thought he was omnipotent? Maybe it says something in the Bible.

    (Word verification - foisties)

  2. This is fascinating. Every once in awhile some new species are discovered and it makes me wonder what all is out there that we don't know.

  3. "Not all species were found hiding in remote jungles -- the Laotian rock rat, which the study said was thought to be extinct about 11 million years ago, was first encountered by scientists in a local food market in 2005, it said."

    Suck on that, EVILutionists! The rat didn't change over a million years, that's the KIND of research we like!

  4. The look on that snake's face resembles what I see when I look in the mirror at 4:30 AM every morning.

  5. theShaggy illustrates the communication problem with so-called living fossils. They do change, but sometimes the changes are very subtle and may not be apparent of all you have to compare are fossils. Soft tissues, colors etc. are not preserved, and if the selective pressure factors don't change strongly, the creature stays well adapted without changing much.

  6. Felix: Effectively, if there is no need for change, there is no need to change.

    It's just so elegant :-)

  7. Froggie,

    Sounds like you are 10 minutes into a hallucination.

    Word verification: Molinic

  8. Yay! The extinction rate is the most depressing statistic of our time, so it's good to see something to balance it out.


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