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Thursday, December 11, 2008

For Shannon.

She sits oblivious
To Heaven and Hell
Just watching a show
About badgers and what they eat

Arms around a little bear
Who is nothing like the real bears
Out there in the world

They would tear her to shreds
She doesn’t know that yet

She kisses the bear
Pulls a blanket around him
I step into the world
To smoke a cigarette

No poison for her
No carcinogens
No hate

Those things can wait.


  1. CWC,

    I have this overwhelming feeling that you just descibed yourself to some degree.

    Introspection is the way to freedom.

    (if I am totaly wrong i will be most apologetic)

  2. I guess it's both of us, her as she is now; me nineteen years ago.

    She's so happy.

    Her biggest concern today was that the hedgehog in the garden didn't have a coat to keep him dry in the rain.

    If I could have kept that sort of innocence longer, I would have. I envy her, lol.

  3. CWC,

    I think I know, from afar, what you are referring to. I hope I am being empathetic. It is imortant to humans to feel others emotions.

    You can continue to be innocent within your own parameters. It's not a bad thing.

  4. "Her biggest concern today was that the hedgehog in the garden didn't have a coat to keep him dry in the rain."

    "Her" compation is apparent and most welcome.

  5. @ Froggie...

    Shannon is my daughter.

    I'm not sure that I have that much innocence left. The biggest irony is that as a teenager you are embarrassed to be innocent, and actively seek to destroy it.

    Yeah, she is really compassionate. She hates to see people or animals suffering.

    I love my baby! Lol just wait 'til she's thirteen and I'm a constant embarrassment.

  6. Sarah,
    May YHWH bless you and Shannon.

    I can see that you really love her dearly.

    You have that miracle right before your eyes every day.
    Think about it.

  7. CC

    Very lovely poem, I quite enjoyed it.


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