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Saturday, December 13, 2008

From Pharyngula

Yep, this is where we should get our science education from; just like we should get our medical advice from Jenny McCarthy.



  1. This just reminded me why I do not watch tv. (Except for some PBS.)

    I think the black woman with the big hair is the woman who didn't know if the earth was flat or not. I remember seeing a video about that.

    The blond is just repeating junk she has read about how the eye is so complex that it must have been designed, the probability bunk, ect. She admits she read it in a book, but she obviously hasn't researched anything she read, she just believed it. How typical xian.

  2. Yeah, Sherry Shepard was the flat earth, and no one lived before Jesus whacko (she had a problem understanding BC and AD. I bet CE and BCE would fry her brain. And that's Elizabeth Hasslebeck, Rosie O' Donnell's buddy. Liz got famous by being on Survivor. They should re-title the show; The View from Inside Your Own Ass.

  3. No one lived before Jesus???!!!?? Trouble understanding BC and AD??!!?? And people watch this stupid cunt???

    The View From Inside Your Own Ass, LOL!

  4. The only think I can think of that may save Sheppard is that maybe she meant that Jesus lived spiritually before everyone else. But I have the feeling she meant it the other way. Ah, television.

  5. I had to go look it up on YouTube. I had no idea she was this stupid!!! Check it out.

  6. I think she just genuinely doesn't know a damn thing about history.

  7. Why are we watching a bunch of ignorant middle aged women discuss science education? I'm confused.

  8. MFT,

    I don't know why America watches this. Most likely for the same reason people watch reality tv shows and court dramas. For some it is daft entertainment.

  9. Harlan Ellison called television the "Glass Teat". But then, what's this computer screen made of? Uh oh.

  10. Ah yes, the "pico-inch", a standard scientific measure of how stupid this blond bitch is.

    Did anyone else just see four chimpanzees banging away at a typewriter?

  11. NM,

    I think that the other fun clip is this one.

    It goes to show the degree of ruin that the fundies have wrought on public education in the US that more people don't see how stupid with a capital 2 this creationist crap is.

  12. I am in San Francisco right now, at American society foor Cell biology annual conference. The keynote speaker last night, Francis Collins (human genome project, NIH, yadda yadda) gave a fascinating talk about progress in gene sequencing and aplications thereof. Where sequencing a vertebrate genome once took years and millions upon millions of dollars, we can now do so in a matter of months and for under a million bucks if I remember correctly. The complexity of the genome and its functioning is truly amazing, yet at no point did I think that Godidit. For one thing, its pretty clear that genetic diseases are very often the result of errors in copying, assembly and proofreading on the part of the molecular machinery that orchestrates the whole show. In other words, if godidit, he is a piss-poor designer, possibly drunk at the time. Why idiots like these talking heads are allowed on the airwaves is beyond me. The ol' complexity of the eye bullshit again. It's cobbled together and works pretty well most of the time but is hardly proof of a designer.


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