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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Way Of The Master Radio...

'Way Of The Master Radio' - the audio offshoot of Ray Comfort's Living Waters ministry, is dead. Gone. When you take into consideration the number of lies they told, it is safe to assume they probably didn't go to heaven.

Except they are not dead, really. It appears that WotM radio was too much for Living Waters and the franchise has been renamed and sold off - with the odious Todd Friel doing essentially the same show for a different company.

Curiously for an 'outreach' service, for a programme that is trying to 'save souls' - you now have to pay to listen to the Friel drivel. I just wonder how many non-christians will sign up for that?

I used to listen the the WotM podcast for the outrageous lulz - Friel's mad rants and his ignorance always gave the show great comedic value. Ray was always the highlight of the show - talking rubbish and generally acting bemused and befuddled. Fat Tony will also be missed - his made up news was always, err, odd.

Goodbye WotM radio. You were strangely compelling in your awfulness. Hello 'Wretched Radio' - I am afraid I will never hear you... What with the money grubbing thing an' all.

Ta ta!


  1. I never actually listened to it. I actually get the gag reflex at the notion of watching any of the WotM episodes online...

    As a slight tangent, I'm impressed by the Raytractors' knowledge of the Bible, and willingness to subject themselves to Ray's stupidity. I have no desire to do so, even though I recognize that it would actually help bolster my arguments somewhat.

    MW, are there any particularly notable radio episodes available for me to check out? I'd be willing to at least give it a try...

    /reaches for the bottle of Tums

  2. I just wonder how many non-christians will sign up for that?

    That's just the point - it isn't really about "saving souls" - it's about validating their belief system. They're trying to convince themselves.

  3. Pay money to listen to Friel???? I am nearly suffocating from laughter! So it goes like this ....Todd will try to save your soul if you pay money to listen to him? Ahhh! Got it!

  4. The end of an era.

    I'm a little sad. I stumbled onto Todd's local radio show a few years back. He opened my eyes to the wonderfully wacky world of fundyism.

    The show wasn't necessarily to save listeners souls. It was mostly trashing the wrong brand of Christians, trashing evolution, trashing modernity and Dr. Friel Rightly Divining the Word. The last 15 minutes (we only got 1 hour of the show) was Ray doing his thing on the phone with some unsuspecting teen accosted on the street by Trish or The Lawman.

    WEM, There are no notable episodes. It was consistently jaw dropping stupid. You haven't missed a thing.

  5. Phew! I can rest soundly, then...

    PS. I was actually starting to look forward to checking it out

  6. One of my local cronies was telling me that in Ray was bashing Mormons in one of his recent newsletters.

    He knows that demonizing others is a good way to galvanize hes deluded minions.

  7. WEM - There does not appear to be a way to get to the back catalogue anymore, not without paying - were it possible I would suggest one of the 'field trip' shows where Friel goes to visit a Mosque, or a Catholic Church... They are always HIGH-LAR-RIOUS.

    But I still aint gonna pay...

  8. From Wikipedia:

    "He is also a television host of Wretched with Todd Friel that airs on FamilyNet... On December 1, 2008, Friel launched Wretched Radio after people from Way of the Master decided to discontinue doing the radio show as part of their ministry."

    Has he always called it that? It seems a day doesn't go by any more in which I don't come across confirmation that fundies have absolutely no sense of irony. I really need to start documenting it.

  9. Oh, Jesus - also from the article:

    "Herman Who? - a video on hermeneutics" and "We win them to the Lord, not by being hip."

    You couldn't make this stuff up. Well, you could - but why bother? They just write the material for you.

  10. You can actually still download some of the programs here:


    I think I've heard of Friel, but I'd never come across any of his material. I just read a couple of his articles. Classic self-loather.

    What always depresses me about these people is not that they exist, but that they attract followings of thousands, sometimes millions, of people who simply hang on their every word. It isn't going to take much more to push me over the edge - then I'm moving to Europe, where they know how to keep these morons in their place.

  11. Thanks Cipher - I'll check out a few...

  12. "Herman Who? - a video on hermeneutics" and "We win them to the Lord, not by being hip."

    "Herman Who" is also Master Friel's contribution to the literary world. I wonder if Todd knows "hermaneutics" is derived from Hermes, son of Zeus, messenger for the gods?

    Word ver. denial

  13. Okay, one more. Slighty edited be yours truly.

  14. Henwli-

    At 11 seconds into it, when I heard -

    "It had to be the devil, what else could it be?"

    - I retched, now where's the damn mouthwash?

  15. Todd Friel -

    Christian soldier in the War on Intelligence.

  16. It doesn't surprise me one bit that he has an audience; so does Ann Coulter.

  17. henwli,

    Pyramids=Devil protection?

    Stupid you can dance to.

    Thank you for those.

  18. One episode that stuck out in my mind where Friel was quite the arrogant jerk was an interview with Rev. Barry Lynn of Americans United after AU had won a court case preventing government funds from promoting religion in the prison system.

    Basically it was Todd engaging in personal attacks over Rev. Lynn's religious beliefs. Also, Todd called the idea of church-state separation "silly", while at the same time stating that he didn't want tax dollars funding evangelism from other sects such as the Mormon church or the Jehova's Witnesses. You can't have it both ways.

    Unfortunately I can't seem to find the original mp3 of this interview, they seem to be off the internets. If someone else remembers this episode feel free to fill in any details I have missed on how Barry Lynn was treated to Friel's abusive interview techniques.

  19. You can listen to the current Wretched Radio broadcast online for free. It is just downloading the shows or accessing the archives that costs. But it's a ministry worth supporting.

    Archives for WOTM can be found at http://fishwithtrish.blogspot.com/2008/12/way-of-master-radio-podcasts.html

    The U.S. constitution does NOT contain the words "separation of church and state" what it does say is, "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof."

    Rant on!

  20. broken fence, do you realize where you are? This is a blog - recently retired, actually - for Ray Comfort's Detractors. If you look around, I think you'll realize that no one here would have the slightest interest in supporting either Ray Comfort or Todd Friel.

    Run along home, now.


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