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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

You just gotta love him...he makes it so easy...

Ray's latest post over at "Atheist Central" is just one of Richard Gunther's comics. No words, just the comic. Apparently, Ray thinks it speaks for itself...and in this one instance, I find myself in total agreement with him.

I'm copying the comic below, because for reasons that will soon become clear, I have good reason to believe that it will either be edited or pulled entirely from "Atheist Central". Here it is:

(Original comic by Richard Gunther)

Take a good look at the comic. Note how the Bible clearly states that the silly hat wearer will cast the Bible over their right shoulder.

Now examine the last panel carefully.

The great thing about a screw-up like this is that Ray can't just retroactively change a few words of text to cover his ass, like he normally does. He'll have to either a) beseech Richard Gunther to redo the comic, b) try to Photoshop it himself (or have one of his team of crack moderators do it), or c) just pull the post entirely. There is also an outside chance that he'll d) leave it as-is and try to bluff his way through, by claiming that the person depicted in the comic was dyslexic or something, or that the error was intentional, to draw out all of us nit-picking atheists. Heck, he might try to just claim that the comic clearly depicts the character tossing the Bible over his right shoulder, despite the obvious evidence to the contrary. After all, Ray is an old hand at denying the obvious.

So, what path do you think Ray will take here?


  1. For whatever reason, this post reminded me of an obvious non-sequitur from Star Trek:
    The women of Betazed used to wear huge wigs; with large holes in the middle for tiny caged animals. First it was a fashion; then it went on long enough to become a custom. A tradition. But it was uncomfortable for the woman and cruel to the animal. Then one day one very formidable woman finally said so; and refused to wear another of those wigs. And fairly soon the custom stopped. She had the courage to stand up and fight for change.

    I think what made me think of it is that the guy in the picture is wearing a ridiculous hat according to our frame of reference - but who is to say that it's so to him? I'd bet Romans from Jesus' time would look at Ray and think he looks like an absolute tool, and I'd bet you Ray would look at the Romans and think they look like poofs. It's ll subjective. Everything, always. His analogy fails precisely because of that.

    His analogy also fails because I'm pretty sure there were scores of people who denied their god when that passage was written. It's not so much a prediction as it is an attempt to villify and divest the Christians from everyone else.

    But oh no, Ray's convined it's a prophecy.

  2. The thread will be deleted.

    Of course, I've taken a vow of, er, abstinence, so I'm unable to join the hilarity that's sure to begin very shortly...

  3. TANGENT: Congrats to our fellow Raytractor Rev.BigDumbChimp.

  4. I think you have fallen into a trap.

    Ray will announce that the cartoon was made in error for some reason, perhaps to stte that you noticed the obvious but you can't notice the obvious existence of his god.

    Just a guess.

  5. Does anyone else notice that the comic is depicting a self-fulfilling prophecy?

    I predict that you won't believe me when I say that you were made by Galactic Lord Xenu in his experiment chamber 17 trillion years ago!

  6. Is he talkin bout my hat?

    See my profile


  7. Half of the comments are about that mistake and it's still there.



    Any bets which of the raytards will say something like that?

    I bet on Jinxy

  8. If I could be so presuptuous, I was wrong on my prediction, but I think it would have been more consistant with his proving-that-I-am-rght-all-the-time attitude model. I should be his agent.

  9. Well, the contest is over, and Ray went with option D (leave it as-is and try to bluff his way through, by claiming that the person depicted in the comic was dyslexic or something, or that the error was intentional, to draw out all of us nit-picking atheists). He even used the phrase "nit-picking". Classic Ray.

    It's especially amusing how Ray chose the one option I didn't include in my post on "Atheist Central". He's so easily manipulated.

    I originally billed option D as an "outside chance", but now I see that I was mistaken. Without a convenient way to retroactively change the situation to make it appear as if he was right all along, Ray could only bill it as intentional, since he can never, ever admit any fault in front of his sycophantic groupies.

    Thanks ever so much, Ray, for proving us right about you once again. Always a pleasure. ^_^


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