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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Proust anyone?

I finished reading Zadig and L’Ingénu the other night and wanted to share a quote from Zadig that I really liked:

"Zadig took his course by the stars. The constellation of Orion and the brilliance of Sirius directed his steps towards Canopus. He was lost in admiration for the vast spheres of light, which look to our eyes like feeble sparks only because the Earth, which is in reality a mere imperceptible point in the Universe, appears to our greedy outlook something noble and grand. Then he pictured to himself men as they really are, insects devouring one another on a tiny fragment of mud."

If there is anyone still interested in reading along with me on the 2nd volume of In Search of Lost Time, I'm starting tonight.


  1. My brain's been so frazzled lately. I never even started.

    I'm gonna give it another shot later tonight, assuming I'm not working late...

  2. Voltaire was great. I look forward to meeting him in Hell. If you were just starting volume 1, nonmagic, I'd join in. Let me know what you think.

    But, I think I'm going to work on writing the greatest love story of all time; the story of a man, his mustache, and the bold, beautiful atheist he tames. Maybe do it as a serial.

  3. Whateverman,

    Take your time. I understand.

    Rufus, you make me want to pinch you in your sensitive places.

  4. nonmagic:

    Chapter One:

    They meet at Transformed...

  5. Chapter Two:

    A blogger named Rufus is mysteriously kidnapped and put into a tiny room and made to watch Ray Comfort preaching at Huntington Beach on loop for days on end. Although he was nourished well and appeared healthy in the beginning, he slowly withers to a shell of the man he was before being released to wander the streets, mumbling to himself and screaming at passers by 'Da Jeebus is gonna GET YOU!!!'

    He is seen handing out what appears to be million dollar bills, but it turns out they are covered with images of Lolcats.

    His testicles also appear to have been pinched repeatedly.

    And internet source, who chose not to be identified, said in a statement to authorities that she 'Did it for the lulz'.

    Police remain baffled as to what really transpired.

  6. Wow! Next thing you'll be issuing a fatwa against me,NM, trying to intimidate me the way they did Rushdie. I shall not be silenced. The truth will be known.


    You will NOT write 'The NonMagical Verses' !!!

  8. Nonmagic Verses. That's a good one. I wish I'd thought of that.


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