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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What do Normal People Do

Seems like a lull in the posts so I can maybe insert a plug for some of the friends that I hang out with.

Nights are long and chilly, so we sew and sow and sew!


  1. Weemaryanne,

    You owe me. ***wink***

  2. Sinaiticus.


    Think of the possibilities.

    Cotex? Good start.

    Let's do a meme poem/add to the wrds sinaticus codex. everybody jump in to the meme pool and see waht we come up with in the next two hours.

    (After that the nurse comes in with my meds and I go nite.)

  3. OK, I'll have to start.

    Codex Sinaiticus
    Who I love more than Tacitus

    And if you will be my girl
    I'll love you more than my abacus

    Thank you

  4. Don't everybody jump in all at once.........

    I LOLed when I saw that Whateverman left a comment on the link!


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