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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Creationist Ignominy of Deceitful Censorship

Venomfangx issues a four minute apology for trying to censor thunderf00t by filing false DMCA claims, defaming his character, and lying.

That made my morning.


  1. Wow - so this Christian guy is admitting that he blatantly bore false witness numerous times?

    I see dawn breaking over Marblehead.

    Could it be a "lost soul" has been redeemed?

  2. I'm flabbergasted. VenomFangX is such a teenage scumbag. He has the ability to drive me incandescent with rage.

    This apology is amazing. If I was gracious I would hope it is genuine. I tend to think tho that thunderfoot must have his foot on this guys throat.


  3. VenonFangX makes mark w laine look like a paragon of reasonableness and a master of rational debate.

  4. I'm sure he posted it on advice (finally) of a lawyer.

    Egg on his face? Man, he's got the whole stinkin' henhouse on his face.

  5. A.G. -

    Sorry to be off-topic:

    Where the heck is that picture of your's from?

    Just curious, looks like 'Terry and the Pirates' artwork or something.


  6. That is Captain Archibald Haddock from "The Adventures of Tintin".

    Captain Haddock

  7. Thanks John.

    Rin-tin-tin, Terry and the pirates - all before my time so I get them confused.


  8. I'm out of the YouTube loop. I have no idea who this kid is or what he is yammering on about or who thunderfoot is. He does like to yammer on, though.

  9. it looks like thunderf00t sent him exactly what he needed to read in order to drop the charges, hahaha.

    i doubt venomfang really even comprehended what he was saying

  10. Venomfangx is a tard. My favorite video of his is atheist straw men. In which, nothing he presents as a straw man is a straw man; which in turn makes the video a straw man.

  11. That was one of the most awesome examples of pwnage I've ever witnessed. Breathtaking.

  12. He looks like he's being held hostage...

    I know who thunderfoot and venomfangx are, but I don't understand what the point of this video is. What does it accomplish??

  13. TSS:

    The point (that Thunderf00t) was to trying to get across was a public apology and acknowledgment by someone who rarely acknowledges the results or realities of their actions. Tf00t basically made VFx an ultimatum, either publicly apologize etc, or i will take legal action for filing a bunch of false DMCA claims.

    It is kind of equivalent to Ray acknowledging and apologizing for a quote he used that was taken out of context intentionally, in an attempt to misrepresent someone else's position.

  14. Thanks Mac,

    It just seems to me like it was a bit of a cheap shot to get venomfangx in trouble. I'm not too sure if venom did it intentionally. If I remember correctly, venom had told thunderfoot in an email he wasn't the one who had taken down the videos, it was his friend who made the mistake and venom offered to make up for it. I think if it was anyone other than venom, thunderfoot would have let it go.

  15. @TSS:

    I understand why you might think that, but I don't really thing that was his intent, and from other emails, VFx seemed to imply that he was not totaly blameless in submitting them himself either. I think that Tf00t was upset because this is the 2nd time that a fundy organization has tried this tactic (Kent/Eric Hovind's CSE did it 1st). So he stood up and said enough wasd enough, I also got the feeling that he had found legal representation at a good price (or free) this time so he was much more willing to stand up to it. VFx makes a lot of threats and insinuations in his videos, and people were getting tired of his bullshit.

    Ultimately, he called someone out for lying for christ, and I support it 100%. I have a feeling that if CSR tried it again, he would do the same.

    Others are welcome to disagree with me, and I'm ok with that.

  16. Mac (do you like that nickname?),

    I understand your take on it as well. There's probably alot of background info I'm not aware of, at face value it just seems uncalled for. I'm not really big on the whole legal battle so I hope thunderfoot goes back to making evolution videos because all the legal ones he's been making lately are boring imo.

  17. I'm just fine with it, sorry I tend to abreviate everyone's names too :)

  18. That's cool, I wasn't sure because it's like a whole new name not just an abbreviation like initials or something that people are usually ok with.

  19. livingasonefreed:

    That is Captain Haddock from the Tintin stories. He's Tintin's colleague in adventure and a master of sailorly curses. Like many misguided sailors, he's been known to become inebriated it times.

    I use him as an avatar as the real me bears a fairly close physical resemblance to him!


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