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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Weemaryanne's One Hundred Words

I'm an atheist because of a book and a look.

The book was Edith Hamilton's Mythology.

The look was exchanged between my parents. They'd asked why I hadn't taken Communion at Mass for the previous three weeks. I shrugged and replied simply, "Because I just don't believe it anymore."

The look was brief. It wasn't hurt, or anger.

It was dismay.

When I saw it, I knew I had won. They would not force me to take communion or any sacrament, nor would they allow anyone else to harass me about it, then or later.

Goodbye religion. Hello world.

For the record: You guys may have this; Ray may not. -- Wee
(And Lance, just because I'm curious: What grade would I get for this?)


  1. I have the same book!

    In retrospect, my deconversion started very much the same way in my High School Mythologies class. Especially when they started discussing Hinduism, and I went, "Wait a sec, there are people who still believe this, and Christians think we have any greater proof?"

  2. I read it in about eighth grade, I think; a few years before the conversation with my folks, anyway.

    BTW - if anyone wondered - the story is true. Over-simplified, or course, but nevertheless true. And it's exactly 100 words, so you may imagine me making a rude gesture in the general direction of Ray and his ersatz challenge.

    (nostalgic sigh) Good times. So, Raytractors, how many of you can claim to be a nonbeliever for at least thirty years? (Yes, Dale, I know you're one; I'm just wondering if anyone else will admit to being that old!)

  3. Weemaryanne,
    That was the most eloquent comment; I was moved by the prose, and, of course my wife's folks came from Quebec.

    Nicely done. Thanks Wee.

  4. The parents, the furtive looks; out on a limb.

  5. I don't remember ever reading it, and will do so.

    FWIW, I'm giving you a B+. Nice and short, to the point, lots of drama.

    Would read again...

  6. weemaryanne asked: Raytractors, how many of you can claim to be a nonbeliever for at least thirty years?.

    Even with the assumption that I'm a nonbeliever, my drift away from religion started at the age of 19 (iirc). That gives me 20 years...

  7. I'm giving you an A because you read a book I haven't read yet.

  8. My entry, just in case Ray (or his Raytards) doesn't post it.

    Why don't I believe in the Middle Eastern god called YHWH (or Yahweh), since co-opted, refined and defined by Christians in a multitude of ways?

    Because this non-entity is based on a primitive mythology that sought to explain the 'known' world through a pantheon of unseen actors with super natural powers.

    No amount of refined theological argument or references to the utterings of men in holy books removes this reality.

    Your God, YHWH, only exists in your fantasies. Feel free to have these fantasies, just don't expect me to want to partake in them.

    If I should win, please donate the $100 to a non religious charity, e.g. medicines sans frontiers.


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