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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Totally off topic, completely deliciously exciting

Sorry for the off topic post, but this is something I just had to share with you guys. It's very, very important to me.

I'm going here today. It's 7:30 in the morning and I'm so excited about going that I can barely eat my breakfast.

An excerpt from their website:

Bauman Rare Books Las Vegas opened its doors in the Shoppes at the Palazzo in February 2008. Our newest location is very similar to our Madison Avenue gallery in design, inventory and exceptional customer service, but provides the additional feature of being open over twelve hours a day seven days a week.

The 2300-square-foot gallery houses many desirable volumes, including a 1687 edition of Chaucer's Works, a first edition of James Joyce's Ulysses, a first edition of A Farewell to Arms signed by Hemingway, an exceptional first edition of Twain's classic Huck Finn, and a scarce first edition of Beethoven's magical Fifth Symphony. In addition to books, the Las Vegas gallery also offers unique documents, such as a lengthy autograph letter signed by President Lincoln and a military document signed by Napoleon as emperor.

At this moment I can not even imagine standing in front of such nearly indescribable greatness. Today is going to be fantastic. I hope yours is, too.


  1. I don't cotton much to book learnin' myself. Vote McCain/Palin!

  2. I am insanely jealous!

    Have a great time!

  3. I went to a rare book museum here in Toronto, it was really awesome, something you'll never forget. Have fun!!!

    I'm curious though, do they let you touch the books??

  4. nonmagic:

    If you see a Bible autographed by God, pick it up for me. I'll reimburse you. Have fun.

    And if they have anything by Ray Comfort (of course they will) pick up those as well.

  5. Meh... Head over here to Europe - we got this sort of stuff coming out of our ears... :-)

  6. NM,
    You lucky bum!

    Have fun and please report back on your experience.

    Vote Obama/ Biden!

  7. There's a chateau down the road from us that is open to visitors and their library is open.

    Ancient books and ancient maps! and you can touch

    Happy happy joy joy!

    I so empathise nm, books, old dusty first editions, lovely.

  8. Matt,


    The oldest building in the U.S. might be 250 years old.
    Over there you have lots of buildings, etc over 700 years old.

  9. The website says there's one in NYC! Damn, close enough to taunt me but still far enough away that I'll probably never end up going!...:(

  10. Guys, it was really fantastic. I spent abut 2 hours there total. I loved being able to see handwritten letters from Lincoln and Washington. I can't even describe all of the things they have there.

    I also saw some leaves from the funeral wreath of Robert E. Lee. Interesting.

    I spent at least 45 minutes looking at a book of photography by Allen Ginsberg, which he had inscribed inside the front cover with his own artwork. I never wanted to drop 2,500 bucks on a book so bad in all my life.

    The staff are also really great and exceptionally friendly.

    I've found a new place to hang out here. :)

    Oh, SS, yep, some of them you can. They have a special room where they will take things out of the case and lay it out on a huge table in a book holder and you can look at it while they turn the pages. I didn't do that.

    I got to actually hold and turn the pages of the Ginsberg book. It was really an honor to hold in my hands something that he held and wrote in.

    I also found out that some of my Victor Hugo collection might be worth way more than I thought, but I'd never sell it. Not ever.

    I have no idea how much my Lawrence Ferlinghetti collection is worth, but those are things I'd never sell either.

    Rufus, the Ray Comfort section was in the basement. They said they were ashamed of it and that his books smell funny. I understand.

    Revenant, you wouldn't regret the trip!

  11. thanks for the follow-up nm

    It's great to get hands on with history


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