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Thursday, October 2, 2008


A new Ray Comfort post has revealed that he has failed to grasp the essential features required for subtlety.


  1. Carport is an idiot. But what about Mark Laine? What a racist pig bastard idiot fucktard. With his talk about Obama being the antichrizzle.

    I've been posting under a few names there for a couple of months now and I just can't believe what a bunch of numskulls ray has for his apostles.

  2. LOL!! Mark said Obama was the anti-Jeebus?? Where? I gotta see this!

  3. carport is an idiot.

    Did you also see the poster jonathan mclatchie? If he is a college biology student then I am a t-rex. I guess he could be a failing student.

  4. Ray's getting weirder. His latest post:

    A new scientific study has revealed that, if your parents didn’t have children, neither will you.

    I replied by saying that since they worship the OT god who ordered the deaths of babies and pregnant women that they are not really "pro-life".

  5. What's he trying to say? Is this another anti-abortion blog post?

  6. He's posted something transparently ridiculous purely to try and get athiests to mock him, and then he's doubtless got some incredibly amusing witicism or some minddblowingly sophisticated point to make about how we fell over ourselves to point out his obvious error.

    I suspect he'll post something he'll claim atheists believe which contains a similarly obvious flaw and try and make some unfathomably profound point about it.

    It will be shit, as per usual, whatever it is.

  7. nonmagic. It was under the "Getting Nervous?" post. Mark is such a cunt. I used to post under Earthboy, when I first came, but stopped using it after I got fed up with the silliness. He told me he to bring it then disappeared. I'm guessing that he believes he is a true christian intellectual. I think they blocked my response to his obama slandering. I basically called him a racist little bitch.

  8. Don,

    I just had to go find the comments you were talking about. That guy has got to be one of the stupidest people on the face of the earth.

    I love how he said he had been checking out Obama's name on baby name websites. Oh yeahhhhh, lay that hard evidence on me, baby!

  9. don,

    I know it's useless but I'm not going to let up on that smug, lying, prick laine. I just can't stand that asshole. I have a brother-in-law who sends me that Obama shit and I can't respond because last time I did it caused a huge family fight (on my wifes side) and of course I was the heavy. I'm taking it out on the ignorant fuck w. Now storytwat is fawning over his intellectual prowess and godly wit. I have to be delicate over there but I hope I find a way to express my utter comtempt for that racist, dumb fucking cocksucker.

    Do I sound angry?

  10. NM,

    Mark is definitely what I like to call a twunt. He challenged me to a duel of wits when I first started posting as earthboy. He said bring it. He said he would be my huckleberry. I started calling him huck and didn't hear from him for a while. Maybe he uses a timeshare computer. I don't know.

    His ego gets bruised quite easily. He'll go away and sulk (pray) for a while and then come back all fire and brimstone and then say something really stupid and end up heading back to his mud hut until he gets the nerve to face reality again.

    This place really amazes me. You have the complete vapidity of Carport and Scarytwins, along with the righteous imbecility of Mark and Allfiredup.

    Then there's my favorite. Terry. He's probably back on his medication, which is why he hasn't posted for a while. I think Ray might have hurt his feelings.

    I've been a fan of Ray's ever since he got his ass handed to him by the Rational Response Squad on Nightline.

    I was amazed that he couldn't hold his own with the junior varsity second string. And Kirk is just the most despicable, opportunistic hack actor I've ever seen. His "former atheist" shtick is the height of lameness.

    I wish he had the balls to post. His fragile actor's ego couldn't take it.

    Oh well.... Can't wait to see what he'll post next.

  11. Craig. I think we should all gang up on the little bitch. He can't take it for long. I hit him a while back and he went and hid for days.

    Ray's a lost cause. He has a financial stake in saying stupid shit.

    But Mark. I would love to watch him squirm. Because he will. He likes to scoff and belittle people. He thinks he's a tough guy. Him and jinx need a good bitch slapping.

    That is always worth the effort.

  12. don,

    Ray's schtick is at least amusing once in a while. I've had run ins with mark before but this time he really pissed me off. Since his pilgrimage to Hams' $17 million monument to stupid he thinks he's got life dicked. It's the racist anti christ garbage that drives me nuts.

    He has kids and teaches Sunday school. Those poor kids. Anyhoo. The debate's coming on.

  13. Yes. the debates....
    fun times

  14. I pulled up Mclatchie's blog

    He is a 19 year old Scottish student, who is filled with Jeebus.

    His site links to bastions of bullshit such as AIG, IRC, Creation Reasearch ministries and a whole selw of apologetics sites, so he is obvilously a dyed in the wool Young Eath creationist. Therefore noe of the metaphysical bullshit he bloviates about is worth the bandwith used to store it.

  15. Quasar,

    Thanks for the much better debunking of mclatchie than I did. I defer to your knowledge.

  16. Heh heh, I just spent more time on it. Talk Origins would have given you (or Jonathan) most of that info.


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