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Sunday, October 12, 2008

OK, so I threw a tantrum...

... when I read Ray Comfort's "An intellectual embarrassment", post.

I responded with this.

"Ouch Ray, that was below the belt.

You managed to call me an "intellectual embarrassment", "dense", and "mentally deficient" all in one post.


I don't think I'll post here any more. It was nice meeting those who frequent this blog, and I enjoyed the discussions, but I didn't come here to exchange meaningless insults.

Good day to you, sir."

And thus, my reign of terror at "Atheist Central" ends.

Ending with it is my self-imposed meaningless-insult ban. If I happen to call Ray a pathetic, retarded, self-obsessed git intent on spreading his headcrabs to the innocent population, with the intellectual acumen of a mildy concussed banana and the moral ethics of a genetic cross between a rabid tapeworm, a xenomorph during mating season and an entire car sales convention... then the new lack of this barrier is the reason.

[Pulls out the gattling gun]
"Ahstalah Veestah, Baby."


  1. "intellectual acumen of a mildy concussed banana" hehe I liked that!! I will be stealing it!

  2. There's a subject for a post:

    "Mildly Concussed Bananas vs. Mashed Avocados: A Comparison of Intellectual Acumen"

    I'm thinking the avocados may have a natural advantage, but of course I'll have to refrain from drawing any conclusions until I've seen the data.

  3. Best. Insult. Ever. Nice one quasar! It describes him oh so perfectly!

    You sir, are my new insult-idol!

  4. I'll admit to copying/pasting that one for future use...

  5. Hey, my comment didn't get posted at AC.

    Weird. Oh well, I'm not going to go back to tell them off. Like I said, I no longer post over there.


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