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Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Infidel Guy Show

A few weeks back, I became the new producer for The Infidel Guy Show. I just wanted to remind everyone that tonight we will be having on Ed Brayton, the co-founder and president of Michigan Citizens for Science. He will be discussing the 2008 presidential election and how it could affect both religion and science. Ed will also be discussing the ACLU and if they really live up to their stigma as an anti-Christian organization. Feel free to check it out at 8:00 ET tonight.

Also, I am looking for guests to appear on the show. If you guys have any suggestions, please feel free to let me know. I have been in contact with Living Waters to get our friend Raymond on the program, but it does not look like that will be possible at the moment.


  1. Mike,
    That job sound quite exciting!
    I checked the site, very good! I never saw it before.

    I hate to be so ignorant, but what does a producer do? And does the show originate in the Burgh?

  2. Registered and am checking out several of the video clips now :)

  3. Mjarsulic,

    Congrats on the producer gig, sounds really interesting. I'll be checking out the show for sure.

    As for guests, aim high and ask PZ Myers if he can schedule it - I think he's on the road doing talks at the minute.

  4. If you ever get Ray Comfort be sure to get someone to kick his ass, metaphorically, of course. It would be cruel, but I'd love to see Hitchens and Comfort/Cameron. Who'd clean up the blood?

  5. Anybody know how long Texas Truth Teller's been hanging around at Ray's, or maybe how to find his(her?) IP address?

    ...I'm legitimately concerned it may be my father (not a Star Wars moment) although he hasn't historically been one for cutesy internet names; he usually uses some variation of his own... Sorry if that's weird. Trust me I'd rather it not be so.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. dale,

    As the producer, I'm in charge of making the schedule for the show and setting the topic for the guest to discuss. Reggie's been doing the show for close to ten years now. He's one of the originators of Internet radio, although I think eyada.com came a little before his show. The show originates from Georgia.

  8. whateverman,

    Thanks for joining up. You can get the RSS feed for the show on itunes if you want to check out some of the previous episodes.

  9. expatmatt,

    Thanks for the suggestion. PZ hasn't been on in about two years and I think it's about time we get him back.

  10. Our Mike and The Infidel Guy - coolness!

    If Ray ever condescends to be interviewed by Reggie, you must insist that Reggie gives a shout-out to The Raytractors!

  11. kelley,

    It looks like his first post was Sept. 29th and he only posted in two topics. Getting the IP address in kinda tough. You would need him to post on your blog and have the statcounter set up. You would then have to match the timestamp up with the comment timestamp and infer the IP address from there. Sorry I could not be more helpful.

  12. wee,

    I'm still hoping to get Ray on the show soon. Things fell through for this week because of his Deeper conference. I would also be open to doing a Raytractors show, maybe when the new site launches.

  13. MJ,

    Nice. Thanks. I "produced" a music video that my wife made a few years ago and I'll never do it again.

    It seemed to me that the "producer" did "all" the work!


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