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Thursday, October 16, 2008


I used an analogy to describe Ray's 100/200 word scam competition:

"[Ray's competition]'s like a shooting range at the travelling fair. Although it's possible to have a game with the same objective and it be fair, in this case, the sights on the rifles are bent and the tin cans are glued down. The house always wins."

The rarely-less than idiotic Ethan came back with the following reply:

"That’s even truer with God. His universe, His rules, His victory. The only difference is it’s our own moral standards that have the crooked sights and that we’ve glue down our prideful hearts in self-righteousness. And yet God offers you mercy in Jesus Christ."

Does anyone have a paper towel? I think I just did a little sicky-up in my mouth. How can people spew this self-righteous, attack of the terminally-twee stuff? It makes me wince just to have to read it.


  1. The metaphor... it needs work.

  2. And isn't there a slight free will problem in there, too?

  3. Sounds like Ethan thinks the world is just a little board game of god's.

    Slightly off topic but has anyone read Ray's latest post, the angry email? I'm starting to think Ray is making that stuff up, if not why make a post about it? Clearly whoever wrote that has some issues that have nothing to do with religion. I guess Ray just wants to portray all atheists as that insane.

  4. *wipes spittle of screen*

    Please, Baldy, don't subject us to this kind of torture. If not for my sake, for the sake of my computer, please... I think I just spewed something nasty all over it.

  5. So...is jesus the "unsticky-maker" or the "sight-un-crooked-ner"?

    These thing could be important...when shooting at...uh...forget it.

  6. I can perfectly imagine some atheist writing stuff like that to Ray in a drunken rage. And there are of course mentally ill atheists out there also. The despicaple strategy is to paint all atheists, or even a countable minority of them, as similar in one stroke, and then claiming persecution. To say that angry, insulting, childish and just plain moronic messages already constitute persecution is ridiculous. Even when the pope or one of his cronies publically declare atheists to be 'deficient' in some obscure relation to mind and soul, I can't honestly call it persecution. All it can be called is slander or defamation at most.

  7. Felix,

    That's a good point. I never even thought about Ray's persecution complex.

  8. it needs work.

    I'd say it starts by replacing the advocate with someone capable of rational thought...

  9. Sorceror said: I guess Ray just wants to portray all atheists as that insane.

    All you hafta do is raise the spectre of Terry, and you've got an effective tit-for-tat...


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