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Thursday, October 9, 2008

I Don't Believe this One

An except from Ray's latest:

I told the congregation that I felt passionate about the subject of abortion, for a good reason. Many years ago someone told me that a new Christian (named Fran) was about to take the life of her child through the procedure. I was horrified, and found out that she was due to have it done within a couple of hours. I sped to the hospital, praying all the way that God would give me the words to change her mind. I rushed in, ran up to the second floor and into her room. She was sitting on the bed, and had already had her preoperational medication. I pleaded, "Please don’t do this!"

To my surprise, she just looked at me, and smiled. Then she said, "It’s okay. I’m not going to have it. I just prayed 'God, if you don’t want me to have an abortion, make Ray Comfort come up and see me.'"

I'm calling you on this one, Ray. I'm saying you made this one up. You'd have to prove it to me. The name of the woman, the name of the hospital, doctors, nurses, etc.


  1. Who in their right mind would pray for God to send Ray Comfort? None of Ray's stories make sense.

  2. I'm absolutely pro-choice, but begging a woman not to abort her child (combined with a serious offer to help, which unforunately didn't happen in Ray's case) is at least better than bombing abortion clinics...

  3. I'm totally with you there, Milo. Why would anyone, questioning whether to have an abortion, ask God to send.... Ray Comfort? If I was in the same situation as that woman, Ray Comfort would be the last person on my mind.

  4. I haven't believed any of his last three stories.

  5. To add this seemed even more far fetched than the last two.

  6. Rufus -

    I didn't see your question/post to ray on his post.

    So, either it hasn't been approved yet, or perhaps you haven't issued it yet on Ray's blog.

    I suggest you do that if you want to be heard.

  7. Rufus -

    ... or, perhaps you posted under another name. Didn't think of that.

  8. Living as one freed:

    I haven't posted about that thread. The odds are that he would just ignore it; or if it bothered him too much it would end up deleted, if it was even allowed through. Ray Comfort, or someone from his blog, reads this blog. I'm sure he'll hear about it.

  9.      I'm wondering if Ray actually believes his own stories. But they do play to his fans.


         You claim to be "pro-choice;" but do you apply that to all choices? If not (for example, if you would keep rape and murder illegal) you are only using that as a code. To be fair, "pro-life" is also used only as a code. I would like to see more honesty and fewer code words.

  10. Interesting that Ray seems to have changed tactic from attacking atheists - at which he is embarassingly crap - towards more conventional witnessing (which is also embarassingly crap, but less than the attacking atheists shite).

    Don't tell me he actually had a revelation about how much of a tool he was making himself look?

  11. Rufus -

    Odds or not, I suggest you post. You've then done 'your part'.

    Whether Ray chooses to delete it, or allow it and perhaps even reply to it, that's what remains to be seen.

  12. Don't tell me he actually had a revelation about how much of a tool he was making himself look?

    I've actually been wondering about this as well. Of course, he did just say that he was allowing his staff to provide some content - maybe the new personality is actually a different person.

    As for the veracity of his stories - I'm skeptical to some extent, but I tend to think some parts exist in reality (with a healthy dose of embellishment thrown in). Again, Ray and his cadre of supporters most often emote when trying to communicate - it's common of evangelicals in general. It stands to reason that he's taking small snippets of his life and turning them into stories which provide examples of morals he values.

    Just like the Bible does. Hmm...

  13. This is what I posted on his blog:

    Ray Comfort said...

    "GermanMike said...It's the 9th of October 7:23 pm now, and I just prayed that if God is real he should send you (Ray Comfort) within a day to the door of the house I live in...OK, lets see whether this works."

    Mike...what are you doing? What if God takes you up on it?
    Not a chance in hell I suspect, so your question is rhetorical only.

    I have important things I have to do today.
    Odd that you didn't have that attitude in that story that you made up.

    Yes, I figure you're lying Ray, so I'm calling you out.

    Who was this woman? What and where was the hospital and who was going to do the procedure?

    Just like you people are lying when you say you're "pro-life" or that you care about the unborn. Why do I say that?

    I've never yet seen any of you have any problems with your deity killing babies and pregnant women in the OT or killing babies through miscarriages in modern times.

    You can cry "argument from outrage" all you want, but the fact remains: Your so-called "pro-life" stance is determined not by the lives taken, but by who does the killing. If "God" orders it, it's ok.

    Otherwise, it's "wrong" and you all act concerned.

    Crocodile tears.

  14. I guess God couldn't miracle Ray's ass to your house, then miracle him back so he can do his important things.

  15. I call bullshit on this post at Ray's. It makes absolutely no sense.

    The hospital just let Ray run into any old patient's room? And then it sounds like it was actually the pre-op holding area, if she already received her medication (which goes a long way in explaining why she was praying for Ray. That shit can really fuck with your head.) This whole scenario is utterly impossible.

    A place allowing abortions to be performed would have huge security measures. Hospitals don't typically allow elective abortions to take place in their facilities for obvious publicity reasons.

    BTW, I work for an OB/GYN so I do have some knowledge on the subject ;)

  16. whateverman,

    I think you have a point about the emoting. I can agree with that the first two stories happened and were probably exaggerated for dramatic affect(I speak of the Airplane conversion and the movie conversion).

    This latest one though is just too far out there. I think Liz has summed up just a few of the problems to this one.

  17. pvblivs,
    I don't think abortion is a good thing. It's much better to use contraception if you don't want to get pregnant.
    But sometimes unwanted pregnanies happen. Especially if nobody tells teenagers how to avoid it, beside this "no sex outside marriage" nonsense...
    If a woman is in such a situation, she should have the possibility to choose, and that means she should have the possibility to choose both sides. It's awful if she has to choose abortion, because she can't see how she could raise the child.
    Anyway, I can't look into other people's heads and just because I could deal with an unwanted child (spouse, money and probably extremly enthusiastic grandparents help a lot...), it doesn't mean everybody could.
    Even being pregnant for nine month is more than some women could stand and nobody who is not in that situation has the right to jugde them.
    So, mother first. Better to abort an embryo than having the child suffer for its whole (unfortunately quite often very short) life.

  18. I have about 3 minutes to read and comment, so I can't go through all the comments---I'm slammed for time in general these days.

    Anyway, I pray everyday that I will never meet Ray Comfort. Not on a plane, where he can bombard me with his asinine tracts and soft brained nonsense, not on a street corner where he can yell about his god, not anywhere.

    So far, so good.

  19. I'm surprised no one has called "lying for jebus!!" yet.

    It's BS, this line gave it away: "She was sitting on the bed, and had already had her preoperational medication." Like Liz said, no way in hell some hospital would let a stranger into the pre-op area, or at least it's highly unlikely. Especially for an abortion.

    Also this story goes against Ray's definition of a true "christian" a "real christian" wouldn't even think about having an abortion because they "know the lord". Looks like Fran is a false convert. BUSTED!

  20. Ray's stories are getting more and more outrageous...He may have embellished the first two, but this one is complete bullshit!
    I think you hit the nail on the head with your comment!
    Would you meet Ray with a fox? Would you meet Ray in a box?
    (I'm sorry, I had to!!)

  21. Revenant,

    I would not meet Ray with a fox!

    I would not meet Ray in a box!

    I would not meet Ray wearing socks!

    I would not meet Ray eating lox !!

    I would not met Ray on a plane!

    I would not meet Ray in the rain!!!

    I would not meet Ray, it would give me pain!!

    I'd like to ship Ray off to Spain!!!!

    I do not think Ray has a brain !!!!!!!

    I've gone too far...gotta go...

  22. Five exclamation marks, the sure sign of an insane mind.
    -- Terry Pratchett

    'And all those exclamation marks, you notice? Five? A sure sign of someone who wears his underpants on his head.'
    -- Terry Pratchett

  23. Tilia:

         Contraception, of course, has my full support. The "what if"s have the potential for a slippery slope. One can also ask "what if she only decides she can't take care of the baby after delivery?" (No, I don't think there is an explicit plan to change the laws in that manner. But the reasoning would serve such an ideology.) The debate needs to be about what rights the fetus should or should not have. Sadly, no one seems to want to touch that. Abortion-rights activists don't touch that because such a focus would lead to some restrictions. Strangely, abortion-rights opponents also avoid that, possibly because many of them also oppose birth control where the same facts would be against them.

  24. NM:
    A perfect response except:
    "I do not think Ray has a brain !!!!!!!"...there is no thinking required, he doesn't!!!

  25. And while you're at it, Ray--You should start providing documentation for most of what you say.

    I don't just suspect Ray of speaking with forked tongue this time. Probably everything he sez is at least embellished, or worse.

    Ray's a salesman. Believe accordingly.

  26. Nonmagic, if I prayed then I would also pray that you never meet Ray Comfort.

    His grandchildren would miss him.

  27. Oh I would like to find ray in a plane. It would be lots of fun:

    -Are yo a good person?

    -Yes, of course I am!

    -Let us see about the ten commandments!

    -No way, I do not believe there in any gods, why should I follow through on such commandments stupidity of yours?

    What would come next? That I am intolerant?

    Anyway, it would be interesting, or at least lots of fun.


  28. Get education wrote:
    RAY: -Are yo a good person?

    ATHEIST: -Yes, of course I am!

    RAY: -Let us see about the ten commandments!

    ATHEIST: -No way, I do not believe there in any gods, why should I follow through on such commandments stupidity of yours?

    Let's continue the conversation!

    RAY: Because you know that the commandments are true: it is seared into your concience!

    ATHEIST: No it isn't. I don't have any guilt over things like lust or working on the sabbath.

    RAY: Yes you do! You just deny it, because you love your sin!

    (Feel free to continue this: it's fun!)

  29. Atheist: Once again, I don't believe in god. Sin doesn't exist, except to those who believe in god.

    Ray: Once again, you know sin exists because God wrote it on your heart.

    Atheist: Okay can you prove not only that god exists but also that it's your god?

    Ray: Yes I can! Scientifically too! It's all right here in the Bible.

    (fast forward)
    Judge: How do you plead on the charge of assault in the first degree!

    Atheist: Guilty...and might I add it was worth it!!

  30. continuation..............

    atheist: "I don't believe in sin, that is just something made up by religion and can't be equated with morality"

    ray:"So you eat babies? Clearly the only reason people don't is because god is watching them"..........

  31. If I found myself beside Ray on a plane and he started that horseshit with me I would tell him to either shut his fucking mouth or I will hook my fingers in his nostrils and tear his fucking face off.

    Just sayin....


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