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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Fear the Big Pink Bunny!

I had a vision last night! The Big Pink Bunny will come to lacerate all Christian believers. Turn from your faith as long as there is still time, because the wrath of the Big Pink Bunny will be horrible.
Of course you might laugh at this Big Pink Bunny, but it told me in my dreams that there will come scoffers and mockers who will laugh into the face of his prophet.
Fear the Big Pink Bunny!!!

(Disclaimer: I don't hate Christians - The Big Pink Bunny does.)


  1. No, I don't laugh at it. I've seen it, too and it really frightened me. Beware Christians, its wrath will be horrible!
    And since I have seen the same Big Pink Bunny, its existence is proven beyond doubt. Deep inside, you know it's real. You're just too proud to accept this knowledge.

  2. Who would win in a fight between the BPB and the FSM?

  3. When I die, I must face judgement before the Big Pink Bunny.

    Just my friggin luck, I will be carrying my lucky rabbits foot.

    I will be damned to the fires of Bunny Hell!

    BTW- watch Bunny's Best Kept Secret for free at the Living Bunny website. Also avialable on DVD for only $49,95 plus shipping and handling!

  4. Oh bah! That bunny is nothing! Fear this bunny!

  5. btw. Just to make it clear:

    I don't hate Christians - the Big Pink Bunny does.

  6. I hear ya, Mike. Christians always think that I hate them every time I remind them that the pink bunny has told us that they're idiots, liars, murderers, fuckwads, assbites, shit-gobblers, fuckfacey assnoses, and shitty-ass buttplug snot fart dick shits.

    After all, I don't think that they're those things - the pink bunny does! It's like they're shooting the messenger.

  7. Reynold: I agree. No matter how Huge, Evil or Omnipotent the Big Pink Bunny is, Bun Bun could kick its ass in seconds.



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