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Monday, October 13, 2008

Biggest One Day Point Gain In Dow Jones History

The Dow rose 936 points today. Ray is gonna be a little disappointed. It appears that it will take at least a few more days for Jesus to get here. Sorry, folks.


  1. "It appears that it will take at least a few more days for Jesus to get here"

    "Days...weeks...months...who knows!"-Eeyore

  2. Why do I think Ray will either ignore this or spin it to say Jesus did it?

  3. So friday I needed to get right with the Lord because I was Poor, Sunday I needed to get right with the Lord because I was Rich, and Today I probably need to get right with the Lord because I'm richer than I was before I was rich before, and poor but still rich compared to those poorer than me, while not being rich enough not to be comparitivley poor since... okay I think I get it now, see because were all, simultaneously rich, poor, unpoor and unrich, which will create a logical paradox that rips a hole in space-time, out of which will come the horsemen. Sgotta be it, right?

  4. Eh. The stock market isn't the best indicator of the health of the economy, it's merely one of the most closely observed indicators because all those ups-and-downs make for good headlines. The price of gasoline or groceries, or the banks' prime rate, are better indicators. When I was a teenager -- 'scuse me while I count on my fingers -- back in the 1970s, my father had to quit farming because he couldn't afford to borrow at something like 20%. When my father was a teenager in the 1940s, his father bashed in the skulls of newborn calves because he couldn't afford to feed them - it would have cost more than he could have got for them at auction.

    Neither my dad nor my granddad would ever have glanced at the DJIA to figure out just how hard times were. They had more -- er, organic means of getting that info.

    I'm just sayin'.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Oh, you're right wee, but our friend Ray was using the scare tactics with the market falling, and everything else. And it'll be interesting to see if Ray mentions it, and what he says if he does.

  7. yes... seems that Godots ... ehrm I mean Jesus' ... arrival was postponed yet another time.

  8. Yes, Craig, but being Canadian simply means being an American who's smart enough to not pay taxes to Washington.


  9. Rex did obtusely conclude Sgotta be it, right?

    Ya know, I hafta say - you made an excellent Poe!


  10. The label of this post really made me laugh. I'm in a giggly mood today. This blog usually puts me in one!


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