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Sunday, October 12, 2008


Having been called on it yet again, Ray has now inserted the following attempt at justification into his imbecilic post on being rich:

"(you are not living in a mud hut, with flies crawling over your emaciated face)"

Oh that's all right then. Clearly, the definition of poor is "living in a mudhut with flies crawling over your emaciated face". I was unaware, using as I do the actual definitions of words as found in dictionaries and the poverty indicators from credible agencies rather than ones some fucktard has just made up to justify his religiously-inspired horse-cack rather than have to admit he got something wrong, something he appears pathologically incapable of doing.

Telling someone who lives in poverty in the US that they're rich because they don't have flies on their emaciated face is a bit like telling someone who's been raped they're not a crime victim because elsewhere in the world people are victims of genocide. Only a total bastard - and an ignorant one at that - would dare do it.

Ray, you really are an embarrasment unto yourself. Why not enter the expression US deaths poverty into a database of academic journals and see quite how wrong you are?


  1. Hmm. Baldy, now that you've piqued my curiousity:

    Would you advise how a non-academic might go about getting a peek at those data without having a subscription to any academic journals?

  2. Google Scholar can be used to get some idea - just check it from the More option on the Google front page.

  3. And here I was all prepared to go into downtown and tell the homeless there that they should be glad because they aren't in poverty!

  4. See I'm confused. Friday I needed Jesus because I was so poor, and Today I need Jesus because I'm so welathy? Maybe I need Jesus to help me understand why I need Jesus.

  5. He just couldn't say that most things are relative. I'd rather be "poor" in the United Staes, than be poor in the so called "Third World", but that's not the same as saying it's good to be poor.

    You just need Jesus, period, Rex. If you hadn't been a false convert, you'd understand everything. Even Ray's writings on evolution.

  6. Of course, Ray is a master of the over-statemnent.

    His recent posts prove that.

  7. If you hadn't been a false convert, you'd understand everything. Even Ray's writings on evolution.

    I'm not sure that's possible. Anyone with enough intellect to understand Ray's writings on evolution would be too smart to believe them, and anyone dumb enough to believe them would be incapable of understanding them.

    But this paradox is overcome if you just divide the result by Ray's IQ...

    +++Warning, infinite value+++


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