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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

You Wanna Play That Game?

Watch the Froggie Dance


  1. I prefer this one

    All glory to the Hypnotoad!

  2. Rev,

    The link says the video has been removed.

    It must have been tooo good!

  3. I'm gonna do something I always try to avoid:

    Holy shit, Froggie, that song and video just seriously rocked my world.

    I don't recognize the song; the World of Warcraft theme was only vaguely recognizable; I normally can't stand this style of music.

    The combination of unknowns made this really fresh for me, and enhanced the psychedelic factor.

    + 800 InternetXP

  4. Damn try this one

    if not just do a search on youtube for hypnotoad futurama

  5. Your orig Hypnotoad link worked for me, Revenant. The comments underneath were predictable but hilarious nonetheless :)

  6. I'm just glad I wasn't drinking coffe- ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD.

  7. Fucking awesome. And surprisingly stupid at the same time, kinda like I just got raped but I enjoyed it. Ok that was kind weird.

    bbbbsjejjjbbbbbjjjjsjjhsj bliddle de biddle bu biddlee ddiddleee de buuu

    Timothy Leary Meets Kermit the Froggie

  8. That song was also on the movie Super Troopers. When the swinging German couple tries to get out of a parking ticket.

  9. For anyone who has not figured it out already, the song was Bidibodi Bidibou by Bubbles.

  10. sweet. now i have something to get lost in next time i eat hallucinogens


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