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Monday, December 1, 2008

We Declare Victory: An Open Letter to Ray Comfort


We Raytractors have sparred with you for a while now, first on your blog, now mostly from afar, on a site named for you but increasingly less about you. It's less and less about you because nothing need be said or can be said about your worthless drivel.

And now with your post claiming that, according to science, human men and women used to breed asexually until the two sexes gained the ability to couple, you have waved a white flag. You have given up. No mas. To anyone capable of even a periodic twitch of thought, you have screamed, "I am either a liar or a loon, or both."

So goodbye, Ray.


cc: Ray's blog (if he posts it)


  1. Even if you give Ray the benefit of the doubt and say the original post was in error and by pre-human he means single-celled organisms...

    This idea that there were males and females without sex, somehow evolving together separately, is so far fetched and ridiculously unscientific, Ray fails miserably at even constructing strawmen.

  2. ::::watches as Ray's white flag floats to the ground::::

  3. It won't matter. He edited the original post and added "pre-human", but he's been caught and the evidence is right on his blog. Ray Comfort is literally a lying sack of shit.

  4. Wow, I haven't been to Ray's blog in soooo long. He seems so out of it, it's not even that funny anymore.


    Nice profile pic *thumbs up*

  5. He seems so out of it, it's not even that funny anymore.

    Yeah, he doesn't seem to be trying really, does he? It's all very half-hearted.

    He's lost that loving feeling,
    Woah-oh-woah loving feeling,
    He's lost that loving feeling,
    Now it's gone, gone, gone,
    Woah-oh-woah woah...

  6. FrodoSaves,

    A little while ago I noticed that Ray hadn't been trying as hard as he used to. Other Raytractors caught on to that as well. It's like he is just trying to be more shocking and less convincing these days.

  7. Well, he's writing his fuckwitted 'Atheists Bible', isn't he? It's in his interests to get us to point and jeer, so he can put it in his book and use it as evidence of how bad we all are. As long as we still read it and call him a thicko, he's going to keep posting this shite.

  8. I agree, it's getting less and less amusing and more and more boring. I find it much more interesting to follow threads on rdnet, without all the nonsense preachy derails and moderation intervals. It's pointless to have a discussion at Ray's with someone when it takes days just to trade a few responses, at which point the thread will be buried in new entries, and you have to search for every single response.
    Ray has emptied his arsenal of all wit and the very little knowledge he may once have possessed, even his theological rationalizations are becoming increasingly forced and contrived, and now he's just throwing around the last balls of fluff he scratches from corners.
    My very subjective and unresearched impression is that even many of the old-time regulars are bored and occasionally voice their dissatisfaction. It's dawning on them that Ray purposefully antagonizes, and rarely makes any meaningful move to defend his position. Ray is the guy who oversees the arena where his intellectually unarmed sycophants helplessly confront the rationalists and come out bloodied and ineffective every time. Every discussion thread ends with the thumpers going LOL-scripture-duck-and-run. Obviously some of them gain some perverse lust out of being fed to the lions day by day.

    They've made themselves believe that WotM and similar material equips them to convert people, when in reality it's just a ware made to transfer money from one pocket to another. Ray knows this just as well as his ministry buddies do. They're scraping the bottom of the barrel for the most delusional, uneducated and willfully ignorant trogs. This is their pasture, and they're staying until they've chewed away every last stalk.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. I know there are a numbr of Raytractors that faithfully stuck to the boycott. Posts like this one here make me wish I'd done the same.

    Once we transmogrify into SMRT, I wont see a need to pay the guy any attention whatsoever.

  11. so, is the whole idea to become less Ray Comfort-centered after the switch to 'SMRT'?

    The ratreactors will cease to exist (in blog-form, that is)?

  12. Aside from one comment to let Ray know that he was the key factor in cementing my atheism, I haven't posted since the Strike began.

    I am more than happy for this to be the end of 'Ray'tractors - apart from the odd, nostalgic slice of Comfort Food once in a while.

    His latest post just exemplifies his overall dishonesty - I can't bear to read it anymore.


  13. LAOF wrote so, is the whole idea to become less Ray Comfort-centered after the switch to 'SMRT'?

    That's my take on the situation, yeah. I'm sure we'll still watch his blog with interest - but he's slowly driven away lots of the Raytractors, and is apparently driving away those who believe in Jesus.

    I personally think this group has a lot to say, and there's no need to reference the person that caused it to come together.

    We're a self-sustaining organism now.

  14. We've evolved past the need for our creator...


  15. But where is the transitional form between 'post-Raytractors' and 'pre-SMRT'?

    You don't have it, do you?

    Stupid evolutionary religious zealots!

  16. I think that Rob Penn is the transitional form. His rationalism and nascent scepticism is starting to show.

  17. Oh god,

    He's now prattling on about males and females evolving separately and...and...and Richard Gunther is drawing bovine porn; what the hell is going on!


    The sheer stupidity of Comfort's previous post (sexs without sex) caused much interest from Pharyngula - causing the traffic to AC to spike. In order to maintain this increase he is forced to post something equally, if not more, stupid with each new post.


    Observe Comfort's next posting and assess for stupidity.


    Potential for another 'Biblical Contradiction' post before a return to science-related stupidity.


    Comfort says something that is not stupid

    Probability of falsification:




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