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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ray Comfort is a Lying Sack of Christian Shit

That's all. Continue with what you were doing before.


  1. Wow. Nine more posts and we hit the big One Thousand (properly this time), the new name, the new site, our final goodbye to Ray, Ray's birthday (5th Dec: I'm prepping a birthday card version of the SMRT image)... I can only think of one term to describe all this:

    Punctuated Equilibrium.

  2. "Ray Comfort is a Lying Sack of Christian Shit"

    And this is news how..?

  3. I think the only item of debate for some time has been if he's burlap, plastic or some other material.

    Could a sack be made out of excrement somehow? If so, I think we have a strong contender.

  4. What's funny, is that I know some fundies who think Ray is weird and just plain intolerant and wrong. They say he makes them look bad. Now of course, some of the things they believe make them look bad all by themselves with no help from anyone else, but I find it funny that even some fundies don't like him.

  5. Aren't we all just bags of mostly water?
    Add the food we eat, a little decomposition (aided by a constat temp around 98°), a little stomach acid and - voilĂ 


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