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Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Bored and alone reading forgotten scribblings
Of unknown authors
In foreign languages
A Bulky desk and squeaky chair
Endless racks of dusty hardbacks
Stretch for hours
A drumming white noise
Pours from the ventilation system
Above my head

Alone in the library
Alone - not alone
Someone fucking sees me

I creep though the volumes
A shadow stalking me
Its not the sexy librarian
I run through endless racks
Chasing the person I see
The authors voices scream at me
the voices pound my eardrums
From each page a thousand laughter
A cacophony of insane banter

I can see you
Don't leave MEEE!!

A voice over the intercom
*Scratch *scratch
"The library will close in 30 minutes
Checkout will close in 15"
*scratch *scratch

I must finish this mystery,
Piece together a conspiracy
From newspapers and microfiche
I furiously highlight, underline
And make notes in the margin
For the next person to find.
They need to know! They need to know
What has been going on


  1. Mud,

    That is awesome. Bravo.
    Very creative and on point. Poingant


  2. Mud,
    The sense of your "search" affected me. Your use of ideas at the expense of the words moved me.

    I like when you move out of that dark area of the library, but most I like you breaking the "rules." Hehe

  3. Of the entries I've seen before, this one is my favorite by far.

    Cheers Mudskipper

  4. Mud,
    After another reading.

    I am definitely affected by this and I will bet that many of us here have sat in that same chair in that same library.

  5. thank you,

    I don;t know if you guys have read Jorge Borges, but if you like my poem, he wrote one called "labyrinth" which you might like.

    I got to get back to my marginalia conspiracy...

  6. Mud,

    Good work. I admire your courage in posting this. I can talk about absolutely anything in a public forum, but I can not bring myself to publish one of my volumes of poems on the 'net.

  7. Heh, a library.

    Ethan's worst nightmare.

    Show of hands for who else can't stand that guy?

    I've been AWOL from the blog for awhile and had forgotten how some of Ray's commentors distress me more than Ray himself.

  8. Agreed, Rando. Ethan is pathologically ignorant


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