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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Here's to MacGyver Jr. Well Done

Post #1000 is all yours.

Please try to refrain from robbing Mac from his one thousandth post, no matter how long we must wait.
-----Thanks Froggie-----
To quote Jim Carey:

Thanks to everyone here who has made this blog a huge success!We've come a long way since our beginnings of a frustraded group of readers of Ray's (un)Comfortable Ignorance. Thanks again to Lance for the suggestion.

Currently I'm boged down under a bit school and finally seeing the fruition of some had work at my daytime job trying to convince our IS Team that a wiki is better for our internal documentation then a random collection of webpages that can only be updated by 2 people and have no way of searching for information. If it's any indicator, I started this process in February... I hate red tape

School is almost done though (this is the last week before finals) so I will be able to get back to setting up SMRT, I have about 3 different backend ways of doing this that I'm playing with (trying to avoid some of the problems that we are having here such as posts getting buried real quick), but I should have a draft ready soon. The Forum is done, or atleast really close, and I figured a Wiki for us to place any research that we gather while refuting ignorant clames so that others can share in our efforts.

I have another Raytractor member that is willing to help me, so it shouldn't be long. My plan is to definately launch by the 1st of the year. Thanks again to Quasar for the picture, I definately need to work it in.

And finally, to those still donating, Thank You, the monies will help us in the future, as we continue to expand. Who knows maybe a set of books written by us or some shirts. Also, I have a thank you planned, I have a set of videos to send each and everyone of you who've donated (currently a $75 value!! :) ). I have verbal, recorded permission from the original copyright holder to copy them and send them out, I just need to figure out the best way to do it.

To The Future, And Beyond...


  1. So, here we sit all waiting for Mac to eleoquate on this most monumental occasion. I'll bet a hundred bucks he's out partying up all the money we sent. The bastard!

  2. We can only hope he's hung over and late for work tomorrow...

  3. ****The anticipation is becoming palpable****

    The crowd surges, expectantly waiting the Salutorian remarks.

  4. ****Froggie drumming toe Pads on the table****

  5. Let's all hide and when he walks in we'll jump out and say "surprise."

  6. Oops. Vagon ruined the whole thing.

    The bastard!

  7. *slaps himself in the face with a trout* I had no idea! I swear!

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. *slaps himself in the face with a trout* I had no idea! I swear!

    No problem. We won't take it out on you. But the squirrel...we will have to flick it in the nuts.

  10. Yeah, the squirrels over here are complaining about your avatar. They think that pic was shopped.

  11. Vagon,

    You honestly think that squirrel could run from something? Dragging that pair? Although large seminiferous tubules mean lots of big nutted baby males....

  12. seminiferous tubules

    I will confess that this reminded me of a notable Beavis and Butthead episode...

  13. Exactly, squirrels are attracted to nuts...

    Its like a peacock not much practicality there either.

  14. Ok, so I was like 22 hours late, sorry. if you are reading this in the RSS feed, I updated Froggies Post here.


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