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Friday, October 17, 2008

Texas Truth Teller

I don't know if this is Terry Burton in disguise. I don't think so, but TTT has definitely filled the void left when Burton was banned from Ray's blog, or repudiated it. The most recent post by TTT, the last one on the "Hotmail" thread, and the very long, very annoying poem are beautiful. Just classic examples of a batshit, chainsaw crazy human being.


  1. Yeah, I seriously wonder about that dude. He either copies and pastes most of his rants - or spends WAY too much time writing without saying a damned thing.

  2. I like the way he brings up the Bilberbergers, the CFR, Rothschilds, Masons, all that good old stuff. And this one:

    And where is the "lasting peace" among men that evolution will supposedly bring us all to? How many more failed marriages, broken homes, raped women, abused children, exploited populations, murdered people, failing economies, devastaed war torn nations, ripped off consumers, and deceived religious people can afford to "wait on evolution" and the supposed "higher life forms" and "bliss" this promises?

    I'm very sorry this person lost a child. And I'm sorry it drove them to this kind of stuff.

  3. WEM:

    It crossed my mind, but it's so hard to tell. I fooled a Christian friend with the Landover Baptist Church site. He criticized them, but he thought it was real.

  4. I don't think he"s Terry, it doesn't have the same style.

    Could be a Poe tho'

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. I just came here after reading that behemoth of prose, and have almost decided make another mp3...

    Listeners beware

  7. TTT is a carbon copy (for you kids, carbon paper is an ancient technique for making multiple copies of a handwritten or typewritten copies on paper, which was also once used to write correspondences on and the typwriter was a primitive mechanical word processor)for a girl that worked in my office for a couple years. I finally had to let her go due to her incompetency.

    If one of my kids were talking like this I would be very concerned for them.

    I just read his latest comment on the "Guess He Didn't want to be Involved" Post.

    After all I have experienced in life, I still cannot quite imagine what would bring a person to this mindset. It is a never ending source of amazement to me.


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