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Friday, October 3, 2008


Today before work, I went to go see Bill Maher's documentary "Religulous" (I think you've all heard of it). I don't know how much to post about it hear just because I don't want to give anything away for those of you who want to see it but haven't had a chance yet. So I will just say I liked it, I thought it was well done, funny and a little scary (it brings you back to the reality of fundamentalism and the fact that there are people who are truly insane when it comes to their beliefs). I would recommend it to anyone/everyone.

Just as a little game:
I can remember 3 uses of Pascal's Wager
Countless irrational arguments
A small clip from "Hell's Best Kept Secret" (I think it was HBKS, I know it was Ray and Kirk)
He got thrown out of two places (and almost thrown out of one)

-anyone who sees it and wants to correct or add anything feel free!

I forgot to mention the numerous outrageous claims


  1. We're going to see it tomorrow.

  2. I just got home from the show and I enjoyed it a lot. Surprisingly, the theater was packed.

    BTW, was that a real Catholic priest Maher interviewed at the Vatican? He ruled.

  3. I haven't seen it, but I did hear about the priest at the Vatican. He was apparently one of the higher-ups and lives on the same floor as the pope.

  4. NM & Lance
    Have fun!

    -That priest lives on the same floor as the pope?! He was hilarious, I thought they just found some crazy guy on the street who claimed to be a priest! Overall I thought the Catholic church was the only one that didn't come off as completely insane!

  5. I was going to see it yesterday, but when Ipulled up the listings, the closest theater showing it is 30 miles away. Only 7 screens in all of Atlanta.

    WIll try to see it on the Sabbath.

  6. Benjamin Franklin
    Wow that sucks! But now you'll have the added thrill of sin!:)

  7. You're bound to piss off someone's God any time on the weekend.

    Friday - Jumu'ah
    Saturday - Shabbat
    Sunday - Sabbath

    There's really no winning, and God gets 3 day weekends every week.

  8. I'm still re-reading Ray's blog post on "Religulous."


    As usual, Ray's prose is opaque to say the very least. I can't decide what he's warning Maher about: is it "Watch out, Bill, you may get death threats from Muslims," or is it "Watch out, Bill, you may have angered the Muslims' imaginary friend (who doesn't actually exist therefore this is a fake warning)" ?

  9. Not playing in our town! Probably not in our state either, but I haven't checked all the listings.

  10. Does somebody know if this one will come to european theatres?

  11. I really dislike Maher, but it does sound like a good movie. I saw the trailer, I love that DC Talk "jesus is still alright" song in the trailer. It has the best line ever: "I'm kicking it jesus style".

    Does anyone know if the farting preacher is in the movie? He was in the trailer....

  12. Jesus is still all right. I had forgotten about that one. Christian rappers are as original as secular rappers. Check out this wonderful "parody":



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