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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Ray the Pauper

Part of a comment by Ray on his "Religulous" post:

So relax--I'm not rich. I live in a modest home, ride a bike to work, and travel in coach--unless I get up-graded.

October 1, 2008 10:56 AM

We've been over this before, I know. No, Ray isn't at the level of the so called "prosperity preachers" that he rails against, but he ain't hurting, and neither is his family. Living Waters has been doing pretty good, and 120K a year isn't chump change. And it's not as if he actually works for it. And I am a little jealous; I wish I had some sheep to fleece.


  1. 120k a year isn't extreme for someone living in southern California. Does his wife work?

  2. I am of the opinion that Ray really is not raking in the cash based on where he lives. I just ran the numbers and Ray's salary would be on par with a scientist or engineer with ten years of experience at the lab I work at.

  3. Sorry Mjarsulic,

    But that is friggin awesome for someone without a college degree. Plus he chooses to live in SoCal, he could be making the same amount of money anywhere in the US. So he could easily move to say Oklahoma or Arkansas where the cost of living is much lower. Then his same salary would go much further.

  4. ... so he's making class claims about cycling, is he?

    As a cyclist, I find that offensive. Granted, I'm making ends meet and not much more, but I actively let my license expire and have not renewed it because I have no desire for a car. It's not an economic thing, it's a choice.

    And are guys saying that 120k a year is not in the realm of wealthy? Even if everyone in Southern California makes something like that, still seems that such a salary is way above what people need to survie.

  5. ... also, my bike has cost me over $400 in maintenance and repairs (and initial buying) this summer alone. It's not the same for a car owner, but not cheap.


  6. 120k?! Holy shit!! Maybe I'm just easy to please but I would be happy to make 40-50k when I get done with school!

  7. rocky,

    I'm not saying that Ray doesn't make a good salary, just that he is not at the level of some of the other television evangelists that have their own planes and airstrips.

  8. Gah, I think blogger just ate my comment. The gist of it was:

    "Love donations" are cash.
    I doubt he pays for much ever.
    He may "travel coach" but he doesn't pay for the ticket.
    He (Living Waters) pays his relatives money.

  9. I don't know if Mrs. Banana works, but his son-in-law is part of the ministry and makes close to six figures. I would assume his sons are also part of it. They make that money praying on people's fears. I think the stat was in 2006 the stuff they sold through Living Waters was marked up over 130% from what they paid for it; and LW donated just under six thousand dollars that year. For someone who just graduated high school, I make fairly decent money here in WV at an industrial laundry. All of my needs are well met, along with a lot of my wants. I give regularly to my local soup kitchen/food bank/shelter. Also to Doctors Without Borders. And I'm a god and Jesus hating, raw baby eating atheist. I don't make it scaring people about hell.

  10. Rufus wrote:
    "They make that money praying on people's fears."

    Typo or deliberate pun? [Raises eyebrow]

  11. Quasar:

    Typo, but also fitting.

  12. That's about twice what my dad makes, (and my mom doesn't work) but he has a degree and has been working there for 35+ years.

  13. mjarsulic,

    I agree it is nothing like the tv evangelists. I also think that is intentional, it is part of what he is selling. He is living comfortably but too lavish so as not to arouse suspicion among his followers. Although I doubt any of his followers would drop him if he did live in a mansion.

  14. Kaitlyn-

    His whole family is on the payroll.

    His wife, his son, his daughter, his son-in-law.

    Based on the facts that LW took in over $3 million in 2006, I am confidnet that a ton of that money is getting stashed away, The ministry shows 85% of income going to administrative and general expenses. That's way out of line.

    He just doesn't want it to seem that he is getting as rich as he is preaching his sin and salvation show.

    A forensics audit would nail him in a NY second, but he is protected against IRS investigation.

    My opinion is that he is just a nice Jewish boy turned into a Christian Evangelical huckster.

  15. Not sure why Ray being of Jewish birth is of any relevance, Mr F - you might want to think about rephrasing that lest it doesn't come across as you meant.

    Anything he is, he is because he's made a choice to be that way.

  16. Baldyslaphead-

    I just don't think Ray's mom is as as proud of him as Jesus' mom was.

    Jesus was just a nice Jewish boy who turned into a Christian evangelist doctor!

    Certainly no antisemitism was intended, nor will I condone any.


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