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Friday, October 3, 2008

Occam's Razor


  1. If only people would see it this way.

    Far as most are concerned, each of the branches think the other branches aren't true Christians

  2. I was thinking something similar...

    If only people would see it this way.

    Far as most are concerned, occam's razor doesn't make much sense as to what's most likely to be correct.

  3.      Logic: You're doing it wrong.
         First, Occam's razor says nothing about the correctness of an idea or explanation. It states only that we should prefer simple explanations over complicated ones (all else being equal.) The complexity ascribed here to christianity is a relationship of many explanations under similar banners. A meaningful application of Occam's razor would delve into the complexity of a purported explanation from one of the sects.
         Second, atheism is not an explanation for anything. (I think the same holds for christianity.) Attempting to use Occam's razor here is about as useful as applying it to the question of what the boss had for lunch.
         I agree with the conclusion that christianity is nonsense. That doesn't mean I will agree with your method for arriving at that conclusion.

  4. I guess I was pretty foolish, huh?

    I'm sorry. I retract my post.

  5. What about allthe different type of atheism? Weak atheism ,strong atheism , Agnostic Atheism , naturalistic atheism. There are so many divisions within atheism too.


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