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Saturday, October 11, 2008

From December, 2000:

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Yes, Victoria Jackson is a fundamentalist. Here's what she recently posted on her webpage: "Why am I voting for the fantastic McCain/Palin ticket? Simply because my "world view" is based on the belief that The Bible is the inerrant, holy, Word of God, and the Republican stance on abortion, marriage, government control, taxes, education, health care, charity, military, defense, democracy and freedom - lines up closest with the Bible's message."

It's tempting to think she's joking because she's a comedian and her arguments are so bad, but she's serious. Here's her webpage: http://www.victoriajackson.com/


  1. I like Michael Shermer.

    Yeah, and I've seen that Victoria Jackson on the Trinity Broadcast Network before.

    Victoria Jackson: You know why there are more old ladies in Church, cuz all their husbands die.

    Bill Maher: CONFUSED

  2. I wondered if the fundamentalist christian character in Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip was based on Victoria Jackson?

  3. I never knew this about Jackson. It totally changes my opinion about her, unfortunately.

  4. Oh, my hair hurts. Did you actually read some of the stuff? All that information from the McAlvaney Intelligence Advisor. I remember him. He was, maybe still is, good pals with Randall Terry. The parts were she talks about Obama pretending to be a Christian to get votes? Maybe, who knows; but just how sincere a believer does she think McCain is? I'm thinking that her persona on SNL and in movies wasn't that much of an act.

  5. Ok, I read through part of it. That woman is as stupid as a damn bucket of dirt, especially on the things she had to say about Obama.

    I used to date a communist, does that make me a communist? I have friends who are convicted felons, does that make me one? I haven't known any terrorists, but I did know someone who knew someone who was-- does that make me one? Fuck, that woman is stupid.

  6. Man, I hope that in the 8 years since she appeared on this show, she had actually learned some better arguments.

    "If Jesus didn't exist, then why did we base the calendar on his death?"


    I also love the argument about how so many books were written by so many authors over so much time and that's a miracle.

    Somebody want to hand the Christians the collected tomes of Spider Man comics or Superman or Batman? Because THAT must be a miracle, too.

    Especially X-Men, after how complicated their backstory became.

  7. "If Jesus didn't exist, then why did we base the calendar on his death?"

    I missed that one. I'll have to go back through her blog to see if she's written anything about evolution. I bet she outdoes Ray.

  8. This is from an interview that's linked on her site:

    JACKSON: I think there could be other planets with people on them, and I'm just wondering, maybe they have a garden of Eden on another planet but Adam and Eve didn't disobey God and they didn't sin and so they're still living there naked in the beautiful wonderland. And maybe there's other planets where they did sin and Jesus had to go there and die too.

  9. From the site (Jackson's words): "I don't want a political label, but Obama bears traits that resemble the anti- Christ and I'm scared to death that un- educated people will ignorantly vote him into office."

    Oh my, and this to everything else she's said/written. Could she get any crazier??

  10. This is off topic but can anyone tell me who Benny Perez is? Well what I should ask is, is he another Ray Comfort?

  11. TSS said, "Could she get any crazier?"

    As a certain Alaskan politician would say, "You betcha."

  12. This woman is nauseating. Even before reading all the quotes you guys are presenting. Seriously, to think that a large portion of the US people echo her mindnumbing, uneducated and stuffed with certaintism statements in their beliefs is very uneasing to a European.

  13. @ Felix: I see you are in Berlin. I'm living down in Dresden at the moment...nice weather today.

    This woman is nuts. But I like how Shermer dealt with her.

  14. I didn't want to bump the new post so I'll stick it here.

    I found a pile of YouTube vids where guys have put drum&bass tracks over christians freaking out & dancing in church, supposedly possessed by the Holy Spirit.

    I laughed a lot

    watch this one and then use the YouTube links on the right for more.


  15. Stew, that was awesome.

    I love how some people need an excuse to dance like that. Oh Jesus made my feet move, he gave me RHYTHM!

    I was out at a dance last night, and after spending all night dancing with partners the guy DJing with his iPod (as the band was done) put on rock'n'roll and we did the exact same thing as in this video.

    The spirit of the Lindy Hop filled us all!

    (the verification word, randomly: "omgfqsef")

  16. Michael Shermer nailed it before the clip got to minute #3. Exposure to more cultures/ideas results in uncertainty, which contributes to hesitancy in believing in one limited version.

    Of anything.


    I'm gonna back Nonmagic up on this one. I was never a big V. Jackson fan, but I now think less of her because of that blog.

  17. bob,
    maybe you can hear me if I shout loud enough ;)
    Tilia of this site is also a Berliner, cool eh?
    Yes, Shermer did very well, saying the right things in the short sound-bite format they had. I loved how V. alternately looked astounded at all the things they'd never taught her and eager to get some more platitudes in. The one time she managed to plug some verse, a noticeably minor portion of the audience applauded and cheered, as if confirming an ignorant worldview by repeating ancient tribal wisdom somehow validated a worldview drawn from those same verses.
    It's sad that in spite of what she could have learned by doing some research into the things Shermer so forthcomingly provided her with, she chose to ignore it all and is still spouting the same unsupported nonsense today. I guess she's still doing well enough in her job (which is incidentally pretending to be someone else) to not really care about truth. Much like a certain K.C. person, or that other female comedian (forgot the name) who got 'famous' for a single mediocre routine about Asians running a nail studio years ago, has not come up with anything better since, and completely attributes her success to Jesus' personal love for her.
    Yeah, Jesus works on comedian careers - everything else is for after you die.


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