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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Contest: Ray Comfort = Sarah Palin

I recently posted the evidence that Ray Comfort is serving as a political consultant to the McCain-Palin campaign. Observing the antics of Palin compared to the antics of Ray Comfort, it got me to thinking about a question to throw at the Raytractors:
In what ways are Ray Comfort and Sarah Palin alike?
I know, a simpler question is how are they not alike, but that's not as fun. Here's my entry:
Ray Comfort has pointed out his physical resemblance to Einstein as qualifying as some sort of indicator of Ray's own intelligence. Sarah Palin has pointed out her proximity to Russia as qualifying for foreign policy experience.


  1. Ray Comfort has a sidekick who he thinks is popular, and hopes will help his cause.

    Sarah Palin is a sidekick who thinks she's popular, and hopes will help her cause.

  2. Ray Comfort reads the Bible, including the part about how Jesus cursed a tree for not bearing fruit out of season, and solemnly declares that Jesus was perfect.

    Sarah Palin reads a report finding that she abused the powers of her gubernatorial office, and solemnly declares that the report found that she did not abuse her power.

    And Quasar, I like yours; my only quibble is that when I look at McCain-Palin I get the impression that they're confused about who's supposed to be the hero and who's supposed to be the sidekick.

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