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Friday, December 5, 2008

This is really important
I just discovered what I had
been searching for for a long time

OK, this is the spot where I found it

Right here...
Line 42 In the index...
Yes, here it is.

I took a look at the source code
on a whim.
Then it suddenly occurred to me to search by word
The numbers jumped out at me and it
made sense like I had put it together
as though it were a puzzle

It couldn't tell if it was because of my
narcolepsy or whether I was still dreaming,
but what I found put the world into perspective.

Its like they were trying to hide it from me the whole
time. I can't believe my luck

Out of the randomness came order.

I was still in the library
I laughed out loud when it finally
occurred to me and everyone who was studying
looked at me funny.


  1. Muddie,
    I hope you will take us to the next level in this library phase- tie it in to the previous one.

    Keep those creative juices running.


  2. Yes. I understand. (Said in Homer Simpson voice.)

  3. Mud,

    Think about this. Haiku.....

    Zombie Haiku by Dylan Thomas
    Do not go gentle
    into that zombie plagued night.
    And take the shotgun.

    Zombie Haiku by Silvia Plath
    From head to black shoe,
    daddy, I had to eat you
    because I’m starving.

    Zombie Haiku by Robert Frost
    Two lobes in the skull.
    I eat the bloodier one –
    not much difference.

    Zombie Haiku by e.e. cummings
    if anyone lived
    in this wretched how town (they)
    would be soon eaten.

    Zombie Haiku by Emily Dickinson
    I heard a fly buzz
    when I became a zombie.
    That was one loud bug.

    Zombie Haiku by Walt Whitman
    Every skin atom
    form’d from this soil, this air,
    tastes like chicken meat.

    Zombie Haiku by William Shakespeare
    To bite through the skull
    or beat it against the wall?
    That is the question.

    Zombie Haiku by Edgar Allen Poe
    Beside of the sea
    I killed my Annabel Lee
    because zombies do that.

    Zombie Haiku by Theodore Roethke
    I knew a woman,
    piled up once I ate her,
    lovely in her bones.

    I do so wish I could have been there to "Catch Sylvia."

    I do think I could have saved her.

    To think of that wonderful mind extinguished..I feel her pain. Yes I do.

  4. mudskipper, I'm sure I haven't told you - I love the stuff you post. Even the freaky stuff.

  5. Interestingly compelling, Mudskipper. Keep it up.

    I think I've offered criticism of some of your material in the past, but I simply value creativity. It's nice to have someone willing to put their own on display here :)

  6. Thanks guys,

    I enjoy reading your comments. I just put my thoughts to the page, so to speak, and don't really care who disagrees with me or whether I'm violating social norms because I can't argue with what I feel. Granted, I would never show my G-friend my real poetry. hahaha She might have me committed.

    Sylvia Plath... hmmmm
    She really turns me on. I love the funny way she killed herself; putting her head in the oven w/ the gas. Entertaining till the end.

    I'm gonna go read some plath now...
    Thanks froggie.


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