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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Some local stupidity.

Here's something directly from my university.

Condom + Doorknob = Bias Crime?


  1. Classic example of taking a college prank molehill and making it into a mountain.

    You don't even want to hear of the pranks that I played at that age.

    Leave those kids alone.

  2. We don't need no education
    We don't need no thoughts controlled

    Hmm, how apt. Good one Froggie.

    Here's a better response after discovering a condom on your door knob: wash your hands!

  3. Froggie, I really want to hear.

    I love a good prank.

  4. what the hell is a bias crime? No idea how to translate that...

  5. You're not alone Tilia. I'm an English speaker and I have no idea what the heck that means.

  6. A bias crime is a hate crime.

    From the article:

    Reaching the Newman Catholic Center from its perch above Valley Road is no easy trek. One must either climb a total of 32 stone steps from the busy strip of roadway below or walk down 82 stairs from the campus of Montclair State University (MSU).

    The attempt to reach the building is just one reason the center’s director, Father Jim Chern, is calling the incident that occurred there earlier this month exactly what police are investigating it as – a bias crime.

    So the distance that one has to travel in order to play a prank redefines the prank as a crime? I'd like to see him pull out a law that makes that so.

    He ruled out late night drinking on campus as a factor, too.

    And he did this how? No mention of that in the article.

    The location of the center is one clue Chern is not ignoring. The property is surrounded by trees and a retaining wall at the bottom of the hill and more than 100 stairs.

    "You needed to come here and because of the artifact that was used, there was thought put into it," Chern said.

    "Why was this done rather than someone toilet papering a tree?" he asked.

    All pranks require thought. Just because thought was put into something doesn't make it a crime. This guy is possibly either lacking in critical thinking skills or public speaking skills or both.

    Also, he seems to be implying that because someone chose to put a used rubber on a doorknob instead of toilet papering a tree that it somehow points to the incident as being a crime. It does not. Maybe they just thought this was funnier.

    As for the statement the condom that was found on the center doorknob was trying to make, Chern said he couldn’t even venture a guess. "I was just so sickened by it. I don’t know what they were trying to say. It’s just my gut saying there was a reason this was done here."

    Well, if your gut tells you, then it must be true. Dumbass. It doesn't take intuition to tell someone that there is a reason why anything is done. The reason could just as well have been that it was a prank as it being a crime.

    A similar incident occurred at the center in January, when the entire retaining wall along Valley Road was painted with "6-6-6" and other profanities, Chern said. Those responsible for the etchings were never found and the incident was never termed a "bias act," he added.

    However, he still considers it much more than vandalism.

    Well, it's obviously Satan.

    Seriously, why would one incident be biased and the other not? This guy's line of thinking makes zero sense.

    And of course he considers it more than vandalism because the only bias going o there is his conformation bias. He wants to think this is a crime, so he sees it as a crime.


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