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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ken Ham- Whining, Again

Ken Ham has posted his whine about those intolerant evolutionists.

"Yesterday was another eventful day in the life of AiG and the Creation Museum—one that showed the increasing intolerance of evolutionary religious zealots! We sent out a press release to reply to the media making inquiries about the latest attack on the museum, and I ended up doing some media interviews—all unexpected."


  1. "The increasing intolerance of evolutionary religious zealots!"

    I love the projection!

  2. I feel it is quite easy to be tolerant of you evolutionary religious zealots.

  3. LAOF,

    LOL! I try to make it easy for people to be tolerant of my intolerance.

  4. I love this line from Ham's whine:

    "It’s another story of intolerance at its best (or should I say at its worst!) on the part of the very religious evolutionists who can’t tolerate people even having the opportunity to consider all the information about evolution."

    People absolutely should consider all the information about evolution. Ham doesn't have any. He has lies and propaganda.

  5. Kaitlyn

    Precisely. They try to project that we need Faith, and Religion to understand evolution.

    They know that we aren't buying it but they do it because they think it levels the playing field in the minds of their ignorant minions.

  6. Also notive that the word Zealots has a religious negative connotation.

    You never here of a scientist doing his research with zeal though.

    We often hear of zealous Christians or Muslims.

    When Ham tries to mock science by using the terms that describe his religious teachings, it shows that he doesn't value those teachings as much as he likes to let on.

    Does that make sense?

  7. This is not about tolerance or intolerance of religion, or Christianity.

    It is about rational people not wanting a public institution co-marketing itself with an outfit that is a fraud.

    I would feel the same way if the Cincinnati Zoo wanted to do a cross-promotion with a psychic, an astrologer, or a three card monte table.

  8. I wonder how far Ham's tolerance would go if his creation palace got placed into a cross-promotion with a casino, or a massage parlor, and the angry calls came in from his supporters to dissassociate with them and cancel the deal.

  9. BK-
    "Not about religious tolerance"
    Right on. But Ham is trying to project that it is.

  10. Froggie-

    Sure. I love it when people like Ham once again pout, bitch and moan about the Poor Persecuted Christians™

  11. I've always taken that "projection" as a tacit admission by the fundamentalists that they accept the validity of using those terms as criticism.

  12. WEM,

    Thanks, you said it better than I did.

    But I think they might be doing it inadvertantly, not realizing they are "poisoning" their own well.

  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ONvDjHM3eNg

  14. Beamstalk,
    nice video, though I doubt that anyone of those creotards will watch the whole of it. I bet they won't be able to concentrate for more than the first 30 sec and then they'll just quote mine it...

  15. Good find, Beamer.

    I loved the part where the Creationist says, "evolution is no better than religion."

    Toooo funny!

  16. Tillia,
    I think that video would be perfect for kids in their second year of biology- about that age group.

    My son doesn't need that video, he's way past that, but I'll run it by him anyway.

  17. I am most intolerant of the term 'creotard'.

    Sounds like something a dancer should wear.

  18. I am intolerant of the word sand.

    Bonus points for the person that gets the reference.

    word verification:priestf

  19. Froggie said But I think they might be doing it inadvertantly, not realizing they are "poisoning" their own well.

    I have to say I agree. It's so terribly pitiful, but it's most likely true.

  20. LaoF,
    please ignore the following silly statement.
    I think dancers should wear uncreated creotards. I would tolerate that.


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