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Monday, December 1, 2008

Ken Ham Has the Wind Knocked out of His Sails Again

It was pointed out by PZ at Pharyngula yesterday that Ham's Folley (museum) had a partnership with the Cincinnatti Zoo to have a joint marketing agreement and were selling "combo tickets" to get into both attractions for one price.

An onslaught of emails and calls to the Zoo ended the happy llittle coup that the Hamster probably thought was a done deal.
The Zoo has ended the offer and it has been removed from their site but the creation Museum is still promoting them.

Poor ol' Ken. He probably thought he had this one in the bag. There are few people that I enjoy seeing having the rug pulled out from underneath them, but Ken Ham is definitely on my short list!


  1. I tend to always take with a grain of salt, anything stated by a man with a meat as his first or last name...

  2. LAOF,

    What have you got against Kevin Bacon?

    Well, there was that Invisible Man remake....and Footloose

  3. Oh sorry.

    Kevin Bacon is my idol. I forgot about him.

    Let's hear it for the boy!

  4. Footloose is awesome. Its awesomeness is incredible, radiating and forevermore self-perpetuating. Thus I conclude that Footloose is awesome.

    Also, Tremors. Awesome


  5. What prompted me to call Chad Yelton, Director of Marketing of the Cincinnati Zoo this morning is that I feel that Ken Ham's Flintstone Sin & Salvation Show is a fraud.

    It is a sham foisted upon the citizenry, targeting primarily the innocent and the uninformed.

    It presents itself as a science museum, but it is actually a monument to ignorance.

    But I just can't wait till Easter for the unveiling of the new "Sarah Palin Wing", featuring certified genuine, actual, real reproductions of the Paluxi track footprints. The diorama will show the footprints leading Adam, Eve, and a friendly herd of dinosaurs to an animitronic Hell.


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