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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Is (ShiVeR)Curtis a AC Admin?

It's probably my paranoia again.

He made a pile of comments in the AC post about the 1977 Time magazine article about gaps.

To RevChimpa at 3:31
To R at 3:33
To iago at 3:43
To Mudley at 3:48
To normdoering at 3:54
To froggie at 3:56

So far so normal

The Vogon commented at 4:58 and BANG! (ShiVeR)Curtis replies, quoting him at 5:34

Ok, it's a 36 minute delay but I've never seen direct comment and response on AC before, because of their batch processing.


  1. Were the posts published at the exact same time?
    I found that sometimes the intervals are very irregular, so it's definitely possible that someone would respond quickly and have his comment on very soon. I think it did happen to me too.
    Of course Curtis could be an admin, but that wouldn't be any problem, would it? We have no insight into the modding process, and as we know sometimes posts get rejected for totally unfathomable reasons. He could censor unpleasant replies to his own posts, but I don't have the impression he's doing that.

  2. every day i go there... and every day i get frustrated and feel like the xtian machine is wearing my sanity away like acid rain, or like teeny little gnomes with teeny little hammers and chisels.

    i really should stop going there. the stupid hurts my brain squishies.

  3. I should stop too. It really brings out the worst in me. But it's addicting, isn't it?


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